Business moves out of home

New HQ for Breastmates

This photo probably doesn’t look very exciting, but it’s a huge milestone for Breastmates.

warehouse racking
warehouse racking – prepped for moving day

So exciting!!   I have a new warehouse + office space in a commercial building, and have this proper warehouse pallet racking.   There is so much space, what a luxury!!

After 10 years of being cramped into a little office and then taking over the garage at home, and using an assortment of cheap, mis-matched shelves and storage systems over the years – the move to our new warehouse is such a milestone.  So taking a photo of this newly purchased pallet racking is very symbolic for me!

I’ve tried to set it up properly and got this racking installed, and I’ve come up with systems so that my team and I can easily find things and pick/pack orders in the most efficient way.

I have spent a lot of time on google researching warehouse efficiencies, picking boxes, etc!

This is going to be amazing!

Still pending:  making it look pretty!!

My garage and home now have NOTHING related to business.  Well, only my iphone, laptop, and sample garments that are in my wardrobe but those pieces aren’t work related anymore they’re just clothes  🙂