Maternity Design

Here’s a shot of my planning wall….. I need little visuals to help my design and decision making when I’m working on each collection.  There’s also some baby photos and thank you cards on my noticeboard = inspiration.

I like to ensure all my sketches are to scale and that they line up.   I keep the sketches black and white, and only colour them in after I have chosen my final fabrics.    And that’s the time when I think about how customers might shop, ensuring that I’m catering for different tastes,  occasions, and body shapes.

The fabrics that I choose are a mixture of safe go-to and colourful risks – but my golden rule is only to choose fabrics that I love myself.  In the past, I have sometimes chosen fabrics that I didn’t love as I thought the market would like them – but those styles flopped, and I felt disloyal since I had never really liked the fabric.   #lessons.    After I’ve chosen fabrics and coloured in the drawings (and gone done the long route of product samples) thats when I start thinking about naming the styles.

Not shown in this photo –  I have an entire other wall which is covered in fabric squares!   (The fabrics that I found myself when I last visited China!)

This doesn’t feel like work to me, it is joy.