Nadine’s Maternity Shoot

Nadine @ 29 weeks

Nadine recently sent me these photo of a maternity shoot she had done.  I think she looks amazing, and I should have organised for her to model some of my other maternity clothes.  What beautiful shots!

In these photos Nadine is wearing the Zahra Applique Dress, which is a soft navy blue with embroidery detailing around the neckline.  Its made from soft bamboo fibre and has a lovely fit.   Suitable as a maternity dress and for breastfeeding.  Bump hugging glamour for pregnancy, and then it drapes beautifully and camoflagues post-baby wobbles, while still having a feminine fit around bust.  The front panel has cleverly hidden breastfeeding openings, so it’s easy to breastfeed baby without having to lift up the dress, or pull down the neckline.

The gorgeous Nadine who sent me these photos, also passed on this feedback:  “Today a good friend of mine took some photos of me wearing it at 29 weeks pregnant. Here are a few of the photos she took. I love this dress! It’s so comfortable and light in our hot Hawke’s Bay sun.”


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