Medela New Products

Medela launches….


Two new products from Medela!

We’re really pleased that Medela now have their own brand of steam sterilizer, and bottle warmer which are now available at our online store.  After years of requests from frazzled parents who used a boiling pot of water to sterilize their gear – only to forget about it and boil the pot dry and melt all the pieces!!

No need to worry!  Just set up the sterilizer, turn it on, 4 minutes of steaming and then it auto-shuts off and the contents remain sterile ready for use.  (We do also have breast pump spare parts if you need them!)

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Medela Steam Steriliser

Medela Bottle & Food Warmer

For a temporary solution to sterilisation – Medela also have their microwave sterilisation bags. Just add your items plus some water and zap in the microwave.  Each bag can be used 20 times.

Please note that Milton Sterilisation Tablets are not recommended for use with Medela products, as we have found that these are harsh on the plastics and membranes of your pump pieces and will cause them to change shape, and not have your perfect required suction.

Franny x