Sophie wears Swishable Rara

So lovely to see these customers wearing our Swishable Rara Dress.  Its a relaxed and floaty fit, with layers of chiffon and an inner dress.  Yes there are breastfeeding openings under the top chiffon layer.  But it is also suitable for general woman’s wear too.

The top layers are a deep bright pink colour, and the inner dress underneath is orange.  You can see a glimpse of this from the asymmetric hem.  We also have the same dress in Purple/Blue colourway.

I always felt that it was a gatsby style of dress, and I wanted to dance and swish.  That’s where the name came from!

You can see more information and order on my webpage here Swishable Rara Dress

Sophie Wearing Swishable Rara
Sophie Wearing Swishable Rara