Swishable Rara Dress

WOW!  Michelle looks amazing in our colourful Swishable Rara dress, the colour looks fantastic in this natural sunlight.

This style is suitable for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and general woman’s wear too!    There are hidden breastfeeding openings under the floaty layers of chiffon (if you need to feed).  The openings on this breastfeeding dress are two vertical slits, they are very discrete, and also the chiffon can cover baby.

This dress is also suitable for general woman’s wear.  We often get customers that aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding, ladies that are just looking for flattering dresses!

Maternity Dress / Breastfeeding Dress.  For more information please visit my website page here:  Swishable Rara Dress  by Breastmates