Almost No Amniotic Fluid

Natasha shares the birth story of her daughter Aroha


Aroha’s EDD was 29th April but due to a myriad of problems was induced 2 weeks early. We had a lot of personal/business problems in the last 3 weeks before her birth and how I managed to stay calm through it is anyone’s guess.

On April 12th I realised that she hadn’t moved the entire day and it freaked me out so we rushed to see my MW at Kenepuru hospital in Wellington but Aroha was okay. She sent me to Wellington hospital for a scan and it was then that they realised that I had oligohydramnios. This meant that Aroha had almost no fluid around her, all she had was 2 cm of fluid in the space between her neck and shoulder! So we were induced on 18th April. I was fully dilated in 5 hours but because there was no fluid she couldn’t be pushed out.

At this point, I should mention that I had planned for a completely natural and medical intervention free childbirth!

To kick start this “natural” birth, they started me on syntocinon, but my luck was awesome to this point (note the sarcasm) and my little girl was posterior. As I had a medical mishap the previous year which still has me in pain, I felt like I was going to end up paralysed from the labour pains. So then I had to have an epidural to stop the pain. The HoD and Registrar checked on us and tried to turn Aroha around, but by this point her head was swollen so we were rushed in for an emergency cesarean.

Despite all the kafuffle when I saw this amazing little girl everything else didn’t matter a single iota.

She was a healthy wee baby, weighing in at 6.9lbs. She had a full head of hair and she hardly cried. When I held her for the first time, all my fears just melted away and I was left with my angel (and her daddy of course). I was shaking from the amount of drugs I had in my system but I wanted nothing more in the world than to hold her.

~~ Welcome Aroha~~