Totally In Control

Kate shares her birth story


My labour with my first child was a long and slow posterior labour, but she turned eventually and was born anteriorly. I had a natural water birth with entonox and my husband caught her (girl 7lb 150z). Even though it was a ‘normal’ straightforward birth I remember thinking “I never want to do that again!”


A couple of years later we decided to have another baby, I was over the ‘shock’ of childbirth by then and was ready to give it another go.

I had a perfectly straightforward and easy pregnancy, I thoroughly enjoyed this pregnancy and hadn’t even got to the “I cant wait till this baby is out” stage when 3 weeks early I went into labour.

At 1am I woke up feeling like I needed to wee, I got up, went to the loo and got back in bed. As I was walking back to the bedroom I remember thinking “this baby cant get any lower without falling out”, she had been engaged for a few weeks and was very low.

I got back in bed and felt like I needed to wee again, I lay there for a while and the feeling passed, then came back, then passed – you get the idea. I lay there for an hour before I woke up my husband to tell him, at this stage he put the TENS machine on my back, then he went back to bed – past experience suggested it might be a long night so we both wanted him to rest as much as possible while he could.

As it was still a few weeks early I hadn’t packed my hospital bag so I fluffed around getting stuff together, finding the camera and spare batteries etc, still quite happy.

I remained upright and active throughout my labor, I was totally relaxed and confident.

Eventually at about 6.45am I called my midwife and told her I was in labour and that I wanted her to come and visit. During the phone call I had a contraction, she was a bit paniked to hear how intense the contractions were and told me that she didnt think there would be time for her to visit, so I called my mum to come and stay with our 2 year old while we went to hospital. I woke up my husband at 7am – he was a bit shocked that I hadnt woken him up earlier. We got into the car to go to hospital, I had a mild pushy contraction in the car but just one.

We arrived at the hospital at 7.15am, I had 2 almighty pushy contractions and she was born with the second one at 7.33am (girl 6lb 15oz).

I am still amazed at how calm and confident I remained throughout the labour, It was such a positive experience and I am so greatful for it. When I tell people about how I didnt wake my husband up till it was time to go to hospital they look at me funny, but I wouldnt have had it any other way this time (was different first time round), it was such a positive and personal experience and I really didnt need or want any ‘help’ as I was totally in control and comfortable, and I feel so empowered because of it.

Childbirth is the most amazing and empowering and life changing experience. I know everyone has different experiences and im grateful that mine have both been positive, and I cant wait for number 3!