Assisted Labour

Sometimes, baby needs a bit of help from medical professionals. Sometimes, baby needs a little bit of help to make an entrance. From forceps to ventouse deliveries, episiotomies and tears, turning breech babies, induction of labour, overdue babies and more, these stories of medical interventions during labour are informative and positive.

Midwife Breaks Waters

A mum shares the story of her home birth, which proceeded quickly after midwife broke

Quick Labour

A mum shares her birth story, a quick five hour labour where contractions quickly intensified

Sunny Side Up

Birth Story shared by a mother. Her cervix wasn't dilating but a synto drip

Julia’s birth of Ruby and Jade

Julia shares the birth story of her twin girls (vaginal delivery) but with a frightening,

Babies in NICU

We asked mums on our Facebook page to share their stories if they had been

40 hour labour

It was 2pm then.... my midwife popped round and checked me out that evening, I

40 hour Labour

We met when he came over to Canada on a work Visa. After a whirlwind

Almost No Amniotic Fluid

Aroha's EDD was 29th April but due to a myriad of problems was induced 2

Totally In Control

My labour with my first child was a long and slow posterior labour, but she

Birthing Pool Eases Labour

January 19th was kind of a blah day for me. I didn't really feel 'bad'