Labour in the Water

Marie shares the story of her daughters birth


The morning I went into labour I was 36weeks 6days so definately wasn’t expecting it to happen anytime soon (altho I did have a gut feeling I’d be a few weeks early).

Woke up in the morning feeling a little under the weather, hubby went off to work and I stayed home (thankfully I’d stopped working already).

After having a few small period like pains I called the hubby to have a whinge.

Although I spent a while trying to convince him not to, he came home from work and called the midwife. Turns out I was in labour and we get to the hospital not long after the hubby calls the midwife.

 I had a water labour, but got out of the water for the actual pushing part.

My beautiful daughter was born after 6hours labour and what I class an “easy birth”.

Most woman would hate me saying that!  (it was the 6 weeks that followed I found difficult).

Am now due for 2nd bub in a few weeks and planning a water birth this time. Fingers crossed its just as easy!