Natural Birth at Burwood

Natasha shares the story of Sebastian’s birth

Baby Seb

My pregnancy was perfect, I had no sickness, apart from at night sometimes if I didn’t eat my dinner early I didn’t want it at all! And I have sciatica which was really annoying in the first months and fine for the rest of my pregnancy. My due date was 22 November. That day came and went and I was booked in for an induction on the 6th of Dec (14 days overdue). On Sunday the 3rd I had a membrane sweep as i wanted to try everything not to be induced and have to stay in hospital for my labour. I was very stressed about that outcome! But i was already 2cm and 50% effaced. I began having contractions after midnight on Monday 4th. The were very irregular and i just tried to sleep through them like i had been with all the Braxton Hicks contractions……

Midwife came round at 7.30am and said to have a shower, so she left and i had a shower and made sure all my stuff was ready to go! Contractions were 3 minutes apart lasting over 1 min so we went to the birthing unit at 12pm. After 4 hours contractions very irregular, having showers and in and out of birthing pool and an internal i was 6cm. Decided to go for a walk to the car, went for a drive and came back at 5.30pm.

Got back in the pool at 7.30pm after internal showed only a lip of cervix left to dilate. I was feeling nauseous and very tired but declined the offer of gas.After getting cramp in my hips i got onto the bed at 8pm, after i push my waters broke finally (on my backup midwife)and we could see baby’s head already and they were commenting on the patch of white hair on his crown (like a bleached patch on top of his head!).

At 8.44pm Sebastian was born into his Daddy’s arms weighing 3.36kg and 52cm long, and put on my chest. I cried my heart out, and was asking what it was! Joe had a look and said its our boy!!!

He began feeding within 20 minutes and i delivered the placenta naturally after that. We got him dressed, well joe did i was busy eating toast!! And moved into our room. It was the most amazing beautiful experience of my life and i still cant believe how lucky i was to have the perfect natural birth that i always wanted.