Trust My Body to do what it needs

Mum Shares her Birth Story

This was my first baby and although I didn’t enjoy pregnancy until the end of it when my little munchkin had a little kicking personality I was excited to give birth and meet him/her in person. I had done a hypnobirthing class and had been semi preparing for labor with those tools, I imagined when I started to labor I would be happy and excited but go to work with my partner and ignore it. Thinking I was going to go early my due date came and I couldn’t believe the baby was still in there. I was walking up and down hills every day, drinking my raspberry leaf tea, stomping through mud trying to make things happen.

A day after my due date I went to help my partner move some cows, and was all laughter of me trying to get through the mud and keep up, while waiting to be picked up I had a couple big cramps and it really reminded me how I hadn’t felt that for a while, carrying on I forgot about them and finished the day.

The next morning I woke up to the waves passing through my body in such a nice rhythm I smiled and got excited and said something might be happening. I lay there enjoying them for a few minutes before getting up and starting the day breakfast cleaning and off for my morning walk.

Not sure of what was happening but walking along thinking, these cramps are weird, cramps but not cramps.

Home for lunch sitting on my Swiss ball I feel a pop and out trickles a bit of blood. My partner starts to worry to quickly ring the midwife.  I argue saying “do we really need to? its not water I don’t know” and yes somethings going on but its not contractions with any real pattern so I get to google and try to find out am I having contractions.

I give in and ring the midwife.  I tell her about the blood – she’s not fussed so that’s that.  Until I get off the phone and my partner says I should have told her about the possible contractions, so I text her saying think I’ve got some contractions not sure … she says don’t worry unless they’re 3 in 10minutes.  So we time them – ended up with 3 in 6 minutes, but I thought they were slowing down and had different intensities.

My partner went off to do a few jobs on the farm while I relaxed at home on the couch listening to music. with contractions getting more intense. I txt my midwife saying I’ve timed them –  lasting a minute each 7 minutes – not in labor carry on. Not long after I think I really need to ring my partner to get back home, couldn’t get hold of him. I started getting mad and things started escalating, he ends up coming to the door boots on and asks if I’m alright.   I say I need you in here. He comes in and rings the midwife for me, while my partner talks to her about how things are going my water breaks, she says ok come in to the hospital. My partner has a quick shower, when he gets out and I say I feel like I want to push, he freaks out haha. I stood in the shower quickly while he packed the car and we were off.

We’re going to have a baby 😄 I say to him on the drive … he wasn’t quite excited as I was.

We got to the hospital.  My midwife wheelchaired me up to a delivery room and I was blown away with how nice it was and the lighting was just perfect! I get checked and my midwife says “I can’t believe it, I can’t feel anything.”  My face dropped and I said “you mean it hasn’t started yet!?”  She replied no “its time to push!!”  After she encouraged me I said “oh this is what I was doing in the shower and on the drive!”  Now I know what my body is doing I just want to get into the bath. Once in the bath half an hour later out pops a little baby.

“pick up your baby” my midwife said as it floated out in-between my legs under water.

I scooped the baby up and couldn’t believe it has come out of me!

My partner asked what is it ….. a little boy we had a little boy!

I loved my birth and I wish everyone can enjoy it as much as I did! it was a lot of hard work I’ve never been so tired before from just letting my body do what it needs to do.