Teats for Unimom and Medela

I had  been exclusively breastfeeding my twins until a month ago where my supply dropped heavily and they no longer nurse. I have the Unimom Opera Breast Pump that came with the bottles but no teats.  I am wondering if you stock teats that would fit the Unimom bottles? They state that any standard narrow neck teat will fit. I don’t know where to start with teats/flows!  Sorry for the novel! I hope you can help!


Well done, what a legend you are!!!! So much work pumping all that milk – you sure do need a teat so that you can feed to bubs.  So impressed by what you have done so far, though I can appreciate it must be stressful when your supply drops and you are pumping.

Sure yes, we have these universal teats which will fit with all the Unimom bottles and lids.   These also fit with Medela brand.    These teats can be used for any age, and for any liquid – breastmilk, formula, water.

These ones will be good for the age of your babies, as these teats just flow at whatever rate baby pushes/sucks. Unlike other teats which just drip out without bubs having to work at it.   So these are good if you are doing a mixture of feeding at breast or feeding with bottle, so that bubs uses the same mouth sucking action.

(Its always so weird that Unimom don’t make their own brand of teats!)

Hope that helps

Universal Narrow Neck Teats
Universal Narrow Neck Teats