Choosing Formula by Trial and Error

A mum shares her bio on choosing formula for her baby

I started using baby formula with my first born when she was just 2 weeks old. The reason for this was I had hard time producing milk; it didn’t help either with sore nipples and a hungry crying baby.

So after talking with my husband about this we both decided to start bottle feeding our baby, which we thought would be easy-just buy formula, a bottle, warm water and hey presto no more crying baby?  Easier said then done.

When we actually went to buy baby formula we were completely lost. There were so many on the market and all offered ‘the best’ for my baby. So naturally we turned to the Internet, friends and family to get a bit more information on formula which best supported baby growth and health. The Internet wasn’t much help because there were wasn’t much information about bottle feeding and formulas (most of the websites just didn’t have bottle feeding as options or had very little information on it).

Next try was friends and family- there were recommendations on which formula they had used for their little bubs.  The formula which seemed to pop out was S-26.  Lluckily baby formula comes in  little sample packs to try before buying a big tin.  So we tried S-26 with our daughter.

At first it seemed to do the trick. No crying baby…Yay!  But after a couple of feeds the crying started again, and then she started to refuse the formula altogether. Back to square one.

Our next try was Karicare Gold Plus. And thank goodness for us that seemed to do the trick for our baby. It was such a relief that we didn’t have to go through the process of choosing another formula.

So it was basically a case of trial and error as all babies are different. I wouldn’t promote any brand of baby formula for new mothers because it’s really how their wee ones react to which ever formula given to them. We just have to be patient and let them guide us.

Although it would also be helpful if we had more information on bottle feeding instead of making mothers who cant breast feed feel guilty about not providing the best for their baby. It is daunting enough finding the right formula let alone having to take ‘the look’ from everyone when we take out a bottle to feed bubs.

Now I am a mother of a 20 month old and 4 month old-both bottle fed and both are healthy as can be.