Feeding Twins

Charlene shares her story of breast and bottle feeding her twins.

When we found out we here having twins I wondered if I was going to be able to breastfeed. I knew technically I could but with my first baby it was a bad experience. I had trouble latching him on but I still managed to breastfeed him until he was about 4 ½ months.

So, once I found the best way to tandem feed my girls (which was tricky at the start) breastfeeding was easy and a pleasant experience. By the third month I was feeling exhausted, emotional and like a cow as I ended up feeding one at a time.

I started to replace their night feed with formula. My husband was really happy to have some of that bonding time with them, and my son loved to help out too. I also thought if they didn’t take a bottle then I could just go back to breastfeeding anyway. I did try expressing but my flow was not the greatest.

Our girls are very easy when it comes to new things so took to the bottle instantly, I did have those bottles shaped like a boob which probably helped.

From then on I slowly weaned them off the breast so I wouldn’t get sore, and it worked a treat. I did decide to continue breastfeeding through the night, as they didn’t end up sleeping through an entire night until they were about 8 months old.

Maybe if my twins were born with health issues I may have stuck it out longer, but they were very healthy little girls, a good size for twins born at 38 weeks and 2 days naturally.

I definetly think breast is best.  But changed to formula without the feeling of guilt because I know whatever I do for my girls is in their best interested, and a stressed out mummy isn’t one of them.

P.S  Being a mum of twins inspired me to create a website about having twinsHaving Twins, Twin Pregnancy, Newborn Twins and More