Formula Feeding is Ok

A mother shares her experience of feeding her babies.

All babies are different and feed differently. My first boy was very hungry! I had 5 days at Winton Maternity learning how to breastfeed and had heaps of 1:1 help. My milk was slow to come in so the nurses on night 3 gave him 40mls of formula without asking (as he wouldn’t settle and I was exhausted).  I was so upset, somebody had put formula into my precious baby!   Little did i know this was the beginning of the formula battle.

I have used Karicare for all 3 of my babes. Theo is only 4 months and mixed fed.  Karicare has always been gentle on my babies tummies and reasonable in price, and as I breastfeed too, I don’t buy the gold or plus brands.

I fed all my babies for about 1 week on my own until my milk supply never satisfied. I am a busy Mum and don’t have an hour a day to rest to build up milk, and don’t have time to express.

My happiness/sanity and my babies health/nutrition are number one for me, and formula has done no harm for mine, but the difference is I don’t care what others think.

I am the Mum, its my baby and I do my best – I may not be perfect, but there is nothing wrong with formula at all. Not everyone is made out to breastfeed. Show your support, being a mum to a newborn is tough enough.