Weaning onto Goats Milk and Vege Juices

A mum writes about her experience of weaning her baby

When my first child was 9 months, he weaned himself, he very assertively didn’t want the breast anymore and would bite me when I tried to push him to feed, ouch!!

I read a lot about the disadvantages of giving babies cow’s milk, but that goat’s milk is easier for the human body to digest and closer to breast milk.  I gave him a combination of goat’s milk in the bottle and goat’s milk formula.

I also experimented with making raw almond milk and sesame milk (very high in calcium) and I had already been giving him one bottle a day with raw vegetable juice (made at home with a juicer). This was very labour intensive, but from what I read, I felt confident that he was getting all the nutrition and live enzymes that he needed.

From my reading, I believe it’s much more beneficial for a baby to drink milk that is alive and full of enzymes that help the body break it up and release the nutrients from the food.

I’m not sure how I would have managed to achieve this if I weaned him much earlier, but it’s an interesting question.

My son is now turning 14 and he has been an exceptionally healthy, strong and resilient child.  Even when we travelled in India for a few months when he was 2.5, his health didn’t skip a beat, which was nothing short of incredible.  He’s never been vaccinated.