Mum Hack for Bottle Sterilising

A little mumhack to save you lot of time in pumping admin

If you’re expressing breast milk for your baby (hat’s off to you – well done you legend!) that’s a lot of work and time involved in pumping that precious liquid gold.

We’d like to share this mumhack to save you some time each day.   

You don’t need to wash and sterilize the equipment each time.   Nope!

After each pumping session, just store all the breast pump parts in a large zip lock bag in the fridge.   Then wash and sterilize once per day.   Better yet – delegate this job to your partner.    You’re storing all the pieces of equipment in the fridge – with the same hygiene principles as storing milk.    Just ensure that you have a routine in place to wash everything (warm soapy water and a brush) and sterilize once per day.


P.S we’ll just do a little mention here that at Breastmates, we do have all breast pump spare parts if you need any.  For brands medela, avent, unimom.