Pelvic Health in Pregnancy & Postpartum

Did you know that up to 80% of women will have bladder weakness and leak during childbirth and 30% of women will continue to leak after child birth!?  It is common to leak during pregnancy and postpartum but this is not normal.    Unfortunately, less than 25% of pregnant women get asked about incontinence or provided with information about their pelvic floor muscles by their health professionals.

Who can help you if you are leaking?   The answer is a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist (PHP).  And the good news is that incontinence is treatable during and after pregnancy, it’s never too late to start!

But I am not leaking during my pregnancy or postpartum so do I need to see a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist?

Our friends at Body Performance Clinic believe that every pregnant person should have a Pelvic Health Assessment during pregnancy, even if they are not having any symptoms.  Think of your PHP as a member of your support team!

During your pregnancy a PHP can help with pain in back, hips, legs, and shoulders.  They can provide you with guidance and support around beginning exercise or remaining active during pregnancy and what changes you may need to make to your exercise regime.   They can also assist you to prepare for birth with education about how to protect your perineum, breathing techniques and how to have a strong body ready for the marathon that is labour.

Your PHP is there to support you after the birth of your baby as well. The 6 week postpartum check has been in the media lately and we cannot stress the importance of this enough.  Whether you have a vaginal delivery or caesarean, knowing how you can best support your body in it’s recovery is paramount.

There is enough going on adjusting to life with a newborn, especially for first time parents, let us help you to support your body. As with during pregnancy in the postpartum period we can help with pain, pelvic floor muscle assessment and training, safe return to activity and exercise, providing you with braces and aids, lifestyle education including feeding support, sexual health and activities of daily living. It takes 9 months to grow your beautiful baby and your body goes through a great deal of change during this time, be gentle and kind to yourself and allow yourself adequate healing and recovery time. Your PHP is here to guide you on this journey.


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