Breastfeeding Clothes NZ

By Franny – 14 Jun 2011
New Breastfeeding Clothes now in stock. Check them out…..

New Breastfeeding Clothes now in stock  at Breastmates.  Tshirts, wraps, and some stunning dresses.  These new arrivals are by designer  brand DOTE.  We just have a limited supply, so if you see something that you like – then put your order in.  We can also  do Layby for NZ customers

View the new arrivals here:   DOTE Breastfeeding Clothes

Breastfeeding Clothes Breastfeeding Clothes2
Breastfeeding Clothes1 Breastfeeding Clothes3
Breastfeeding Clothes4 Breastfeeding Clothes5
Breastfeeding Clothes6 Breastfeeding Clothes7