Silicone Breast Pump Tips


We can understand if you have any confusion about how to use the new Silicone Breast Pump, its such a new concept in terms of breast pumps.  It works based on a gentle suction which draws milk out from your nipple.     Such a great way to catch any extra milk when your breastfeeding baby from the other side.    You can also manually pump if you hold and squeeze it.

Here are some tips on how to use the pump (the gentle method of catching extra letdown)

Warm your breast with a warm flannel, cloth, or a heat pack and  gently massage in a circular motion, to encourage milk let down.  You could hand express first, before attaching the pump.

Place the pump over your breast, with your nipple centred in the middle of the opening.  The outer edges of the pump will be around your breast.   Gently squeeze the sides of the pump, to apply suction.  You will feel the suction (and if not, reposition the pump and try again).   When suction is applied, it will draw your nipple out slightly and milk will flow.  Leave the pump to do its work – don’t keep touching it.

If your milk isn’t flowing, break the suction seal using your finger and move to a slightly different position on your breast.

You can attach your pump to your other breast while feeding baby from the other, to catch all your precious milk that would otherwise go to waste.