Leaking Boobs

Leaking Boobs! Its not the ideal conversation topic for new mothers, but it is something that happens with about 99% of new mothers. When you are a breastfeeding mum, between feeding times your breasts can just sometimes leak out milk. Sometimes if you are walking past a baby, or if you think about your baby, you will also feel the milk let down and have a leak.

The milk let down sensation is a tingling feeling. And the milk leaks will drip out from your nipple.

It is extremely common for breasts to leak regularly when your baby is new born, while your breast milk and breast feeding routine are getting established. Some women also leak more over night.

Then as your baby gets older, and your breast milk production settles down, you may find that your breasts don’t leak as much.

The amount of time that breast leak does vary between mothers. Some it may be for 6 weeks, or for others it will be around 6 months, 9 months, or for the entire breastfeeding period.

To absorb leaks you need breast pads. There are several options available, such as reusable breast pads, disposable breast pads, breast shells. The one that you choose to you, will depend on your budget (throwing away disposable breast pads will cost you $$), and it will also depend if you can be bothered with the washing and reusing. The other option now available is for Lily Pads – which are a breathable silicone breast shell which push your nipple down continuously – and prevent leaks from even occurring. We do have some easy care breast pads at our web store.

Personally, my breasts leaked a LOT when my son was a newborn. I was changing them regularly to ensure I didnt get any leakage through my clothing. When he reached 6 months old, I am noticed that my boobs didn’t leak as much.