Heavy Leakage

We recently received this email: “Its 5 weeks til bubs arrives and I am really looking forward to it as I am definitely over being pregnant! I just had a question re your reusable breast pads.  With my other 2 kids, I’ve always had soooo much milk that I leak terribly and have only found the Pigeon Breast pads suitable and I pretty much change them every few hours due to being full.  Are any of the reusable ones really absorbent or am I best to stick to the Pigeon ones?  I just thought reusable might be cheaper in the long run. The other thing is that I tend to get eczema on my nipples when breastfeeding so I need to keep them as dry as possible as I don’t want to encourage the eczema, and I don’t want the breast pads to stick to eczema either – ouch!”

Yes the hemp breast pads will be comparable to the Pigeon breast pads – we’ve had feedback from mothers that use both and say the hemp breast pads work the same. (We sell both, so have no bias!)  You’d still have to change them quite frequently, but at least they are reusable so your not throwing money away.

You should consider the breast shells especially in the first few weeks when the milk is really high.

Another customer just had a baby last week and she has really high leakage.  She is using the breast shells rather than breast pads, just for the leakage, but an added bonus is that she has already collected around 2 litres of milk.  So she’s got a stash without really trying! She just collects the milk in the breast shell, and then pours it into Breast milk bags to store in the freezer.

The breast shells might also be better in terms of the eczema as there won’t be any contact with breast pads, and you’ll still get air circulating.