Breast Pump Parts

We often get emails and phone calls from customers who are trying to track down breast pump parts.    Commonly breast pump parts get lost, broken, melted while sterilising, cracked from wear’n’tear which then affects the suction, or puppies chew them!   (seriously that happens quite a lot)

With so many breast pump brands and different models – it does get confusing.    We supply the Avent, Unimom,and Medela  brands of breast pumps – and each of those has different models and different pump fittings.   Not all pieces are compatible with each other.

You can either send me a photo of your broken part and I’ll tell you what you need to replace it.

Or to make things easier, I have created a product page for each pump model on my website, with detailed diagrams, so that you can just click what you need and shop via that simple page (rather than scrolling through hundreds of parts).  You can view the pages here – just select the model you have (or match the photo)   Breast Pump Spare Parts

But remember, just contact us if you are confused and we can help you.     We know how important those little parts are so that you can keep pumping!

Example of a photo we received from a customer who was trying to track down parts for her Medela Freestyle Breast Pump