Mini Electric Pump Flange

Are you Looking for Breast Pump Parts – like this older model Mini Electric Pump Flange?

Steph writes: “I am hoping it is possible to get a replacement part for the pictured Mini Electric Pump Flange. The pump itself is a few years old, I have been borrowing it from a friend. Unfortunately this piece has cracked……”

Medela Mini Electric Pump Flange
Steph’s part which has cracked  (Mini Electric Pump Flange)

We have shared this photo  because its been a long time since we’ve actually seen one like this – and thought perhaps other people on the internet might be searching for the same Mini Electric Pump Flange.   Here at Breastmates we can help you, we carry spare parts for Medela pumps  and you can also email us with any questions you might have about breast pump parts.

We know how frustrating it is when something happens to your pump parts, like cracking, melting or loosing a vital piece.  And often the pump is older because you might have used it years ago with your first baby, or perhaps borrowing from a friend….   The photo that Steph provided above is a really old Medela Mini Electric Breast pump model.  Medela stopped making this pump a few years ago.   The pump flange is no-longer made the same like the photo – where the breastshield flange and screw neck are molded in one piece of plastic like that.

So to counter this limitation, and still use the pump, you’ll need to buy two pieces which we have in stock, and which are still compatible with the pump.   These are:

– personal fit breastshield (24mm is the same size as the boxed original)

– and you’ll also you need the screw Connector piece for it to attach to the bottle:

This is the only solution we can offer for the older Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump.