What bottle and sterilising gear do I need for my breast pump?

A recent query from a customer “I am looking at buying the unimom double pump as we recently had a Prem baby and want a pump for when we get home from NICU. Can you tell me if I would need to buy extra bottles and also how you would recommend cleaning/sterilising the bottles.   What bottle and sterilising gear do I need for my breast pump?”

Congrats on your new baby, though I can understand that this can be a really stressful time for you all. I know it can be confusing figuring out a new routine, how and when you will pump your milk, and what bottle and sterilising gear you will need to go with it all.

The Unimom Double Pump (the model named Forte) is the most high-grade and suitable to be used for expressing all feeds throughout the day.  This pump comes with just two bottles.   So I would suggest you get some extras, as it makes it easier with the milk storage and washing cycles.   We do have them in a triple pack shown here:  https://www.breastmates.co.nz/unimom-bottles-3pack  – and these will be suitable to connect to the Forte breast pump.

To help make your life easier, I would suggest getting perhaps two packets of bottles (2x3pack) plus the 2 with the pump will give you eight bottles.   Having spare bottles really eases the pressure of washing them every time.

Breastmilk storage bags are also handy as they are easier to store in the freezer, and then you can defrost and warm the milk under the warm tap at the sink.

In terms of sterilising, you need to wash everything that comes into contact with milk.  First wash with hot water and detergent and a soft brush (I recommend this one as it as a big bristle and then a fine bristle to get into teats, such as this one:   Bottle Cleaning Brush

It is safe to sterilise parts in the dishwasher – top shelf.

Or you can boil them in a saucepan.  Cover with water and boil for 4 minutes. Remember to set your timer – so that the pot doesn’t boil dry and burn.

Or some people use microwave sterilisers – but this does have a risk and unimom don’t recommend it for their brand of products.  Microwaves are different intensity’s and can cause some of the plastic parts to deteriorate, deform or melt.

Some people use Milton’s Sterilising tablets – this is NOT recommended for unimom products.   Sterilising in a chemical solution may cause the plastic to deteriorate quicker.

(so dishwasher or boiling in saucepan are recommended)

Hope that helps answer your questions – please let me know if there is anything else I can help with