Post Partum Days

So many people focus on the new baby’s needs but so few are focused on the new mothers needs, especially at a time when she will be tired, her hormones are doing a new thing, she’s probably trying to learn how to breastfeed, the demands on her body and her time are HUGE, and all this while she may be healing from a birth injury.

I’m trying to make space for more ‘mothering the mother’.  Although postpartum is a beautiful and special time, we need also to acknowledge that it can be messy, exhausting and painful as well.

Breastfeeding Contraception & Ovulation

This is a natural method of contraception that you can use while breastfeeding, but it

Rules about Baby Names

Baby names and choosing baby names. What is the etiquette with reserving names that

Post Natal Depression

Post Natal Depression - Signs of PND and online Support

Pelvic Floor Muscles

Smart Balls are vaginal balls that are lightly weighted, and inserted to help strengthen pelvic

Helping with New Baby

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Gift Vouchers

Breastmates gift voucher let the New Mum decide what products she would like to buy.

Birth Control

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Age of Mothers

We did a quick survey on our Facebook page, and the results are quite interesting.

Personal Train Me

Personal Train Me is online personal training. It enables anybody to train anywhere they