Post Partum Days

So many people focus on the new baby’s needs but so few are focused on the new mothers needs, especially at a time when she will be tired, her hormones are doing a new thing, she’s probably trying to learn how to breastfeed, the demands on her body and her time are HUGE, and all this while she may be healing from a birth injury.

I’m trying to make space for more ‘mothering the mother’.  Although postpartum is a beautiful and special time, we need also to acknowledge that it can be messy, exhausting and painful as well.

Nursing Activewear

We have a new range of nursing activewear, gym clothes for breastfeeding mums.

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Shapewear Underwear

HOTmilk Lingerie's new Shapewear range. Slimming underwear garments to flatten and flatter.