100 things to eat when you have morning sickness

morning sickness“Morning sickness” is a bit of a misnomer, as this queasy feeling can (and does) strike at any time of the day during pregnancy.

100 things to eat when you have morning sickness

Many mums-to-be experience morning sickness throughout the day, at different times and for different reasons. The meat aisle in the supermarket might set you off one day, and the next morning brushing your teeth might make you gag. It might comfort you to know that morning sickness generally eases off in the second trimester (around weeks 14-16 of your pregnancy), and your appetite should return.

The unpredictability of morning sickness can cause many a pregnant mum to feel like she can’t trust any foods to stay where they belong after she eats them. So if you’re suffering from morning sickness, what can (and should) you eat? Here are some ideas of some stomach-friendly foods to try when morning sickness rears its ugly head, all recommended by mums who’ve been there. One or two of these tried-and-true suggestions (like pizza!) may surprise you, but hopefully you’ll feel like you have options.

Applesauce Chicken soup Iced green tea Porridge
Almond butter Cornflakes Iced water with lemon slices Potato chips
Almonds Cottage cheese Jelly Potatoes (boiled, mashed, baked)
Anise tea Crackers Lemon drops Pretzels
Apple cider vinegar Cucumber slices Lemon sorbet Pumpkin soup
Apple juice Custard Lemon wedges (for sucking on, sniffing) Quinoa
Apple slices Digestive biscuits Lemonade Raisins
Avocado Dried apricots Lettuce Raspberries
Bagels Dried mango Lollipops Raspberry leaf tea
Baked tofu Dry breakfast cereal Macaroni cheese Rice cakes
Bananas Egg fried rice Mandarins Rice pudding
Barley sugar candies Eggs (hard-boiled or scrambled) Milk Risotto
Beans on toast Fennel seeds (to chew) Milk toast Rockmelon
Blueberries Frozen juice iceblocks Minted peas Smoothies
Bread sticks Fruit popsicles Mints Soda water
Brioche Gelato Oatmeal biscuits Sour lollies
Candied ginger Ginger beer or ginger ale Oranges Sports drinks
Cashew butter Ginger tea Peppermint tea Strawberries
Celery with hummus dip Gingerbread Plain boiled rice Sugar snap peas
Cereal Gingernut biscuits Plain chicken breast Tinned fruit salad
Cheese pizza Grapefruit Plain pasta Tinned peaches
Cheese on crackers Grapes Plain rice crackers Vitamin B6
Chewing gum Grated ginger root Plain toast Warm milk
Chicken broth Ice chips Plain yoghurt Water
Chicken nuggets Ice cream Popcorn Watermelon

It’s important to remember that your midwife or lead maternity caregiver (LMC) are your best first source of information, and if you find your morning sickness is severe or it is affecting your ability to function, please contact your LMC or doctor straightaway.

For useful maternity aids including morning sickness remedies, check out Breastmates helpful Pregnancy Aids.

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