Baby Kicks in Belly

We asked a question to the mums on our Facebook page, to describe how it feels when baby kicks in your belly for the first time? Here are the responses…

When you start to get further along in your pregnancy, there will be a lot of baby movement!  Midwives say that you should feel (and count) 10 kicks per day so that you know baby is okay.  Take a look at our Reminder Wristbands– they will help you keep count so you can make sure baby is active.  Then after baby is born, use this as a reminder for breastfeeding times.

Anyway, this is how alot of mothers described their first baby kicks:

  • Kind of like having gas…
  • I had just gotten off the phone to my mum as my brother had been in a car accident – telling my husband about it and then it happened she kicked for the first time – I screamed as was not prepared for it…..
  • Sort of like bubbles, but it had a suction kind of feeling too. Strange but AMAZING
  • Like being tapped hello… from the inside out
  • gurgling, bubbling, rippling sensation! Hehehe a bit like falling in love! Cheesy!
  • Like somebody tickling my tummy from inside totally awesome and i so so miss it
  • Flutters and bubbles – amazing but always wondering if you are imagining it at first! The best part is that it is a shared moment between only you and your bub!
  • full on karate kick which really hurt! None of the bubbles, fluttering, tickling I was expecting after reading my pregnancy books
  • wonderful joyfulness and relief all rolled into one.
  • Really neat but weird….bit unsure it was a kick – awesome secret since no one else could feel it!!
  • Like little bubbles – can’t wipe the smile off my face when I feel the first kicks of babies!
  • First felt them at 17 weeks. It felt like my stomach muscles were twitching but I figured out pretty quickly that it was happening too often to be that.
  • Ava was so active early on like butterflies that have had to much sugar and it hasn’t stopped since.
  • Ellies little flutters just felt like little ‘pops’ lol but it was the most amazing time ever
  • It felt like little bubbles fluttering in my stomach, amazing!!!
  • Like bubbles popping…
  • like Mumble from Happy Feet dancing inside of me!
  • Like butterflies fluttering
  • Odd feeling,,,,bubbles is a great description! I remember thinking i was imagining it! But slowing it got stronger and i knew it wasnt in my head! Such special bonding moments!
  • AMAZING!!!
  • butterfly tickling from the inside…
  • a tickle that went up and down. I remember the first time vividly…it was so cool!
  • very cool butterfly flapping its wings ever so slowly. A surreal feeling that you want to last forever!
  • you cant decribe it,its just too special
  • Like a really big heartbeat/pulse. None of this butterfly business for me!
  • like an internal gentle poke 3 times in a row, like a trapped fart or something, it was so definate i was standing at the stove and got poke poke poke, there was no doubt it was baby
  • Squirmy
  • Like a baby butterfly comming out of its cocoon.
  • Like a little flutter, different from anything I’ve ever felt before & just knew it was bubs. So wonderful
  • Its starts like a caterpillar inching across a leaf then turns into a butterfly testing its wings before take off and then it gets the hiccups . Then over the next months, weeks and days this little person will sneak up on you and remind you that they are with you always.
  • unreal…totally breathtaking and unbelievable. I miss the baby kicking once they come out!

So enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, and the lovely baby bonding with your bump.

Thank you to my facebook peeps that contributed their thoughts (: