Breast Changes During Pregnancy

Here are a few observations on how breasts can change while you are the reproduction phase of your life.

1. Getting pregnant. The first few weeks, like before you might take the pregnancy test, you may have sore and tender breasts.

2. Around 14 weeks pregnancy, or so, breasts seem fuller. This size continues throughout your pregnancy. Some people go up a size, most don’t, but the breasts are just fuller or heavier.

3. During pregnancy, still experiencing fuller breasts.

4. Towards the end of baby gestation, around 30 weeks + you might notice your breasts seem to have a lot of veins, alot more visible veins. Milk ducts.

5. Labour. Nothing changes really. Birth, and initial breastfeeding. Feed baby the colostrum. Might be sore nipples getting latching correct. Strange that there is colostrum there and ready for baby to drink.

6. A few days after giving birth, you may have the WHOA effect! Breast engorgement when your breasts seem to feel HUGE. They will be full, heavy, very sore! Your nipples may feel tiny compared to this huge swollen breast. This is when your milk comes in, and you now have to get baby to drink it. Argh the relief when baby latches, drinks, and empties the breast.

7. A week or so after birth, after the milk supply settles, breasts will be back at the pregnancy size. Fuller than pre-pregnancy.

8. After you have been breastfeeding for a few months, your breasts will usually return to the pre-pregnancy size even though you are still feeding. You will nolonger feel like you have full breasts, and many mothers worry that they dont have enough milk, as they nolonger have the full feeling. This is just because your body is used to it, and your baby’s needs.

9. Unfortunately, when you stop breastfeeding, your breasts may seem a lot smaller. Less perky. More sagging. You should try to find pushup moulded cup bras, chicken fillet bra inserts, and a correctly fitting bra.