Dressing for Your Pregnant Shape

Finding the perfect maternity clothes to fit your ever-changing pregnant body shape can be a challengeWhat used to flatter your figure pre-pregnancy may no longer look quite as good! Ideally, your first priority is comfort; you’ll want to add definition to your pregnant tummy, without wearing anything uncomfortably tight. And don’t be afraid to show off your arms and legs when you’re pregnant.

Here are a few guidelines to dressing when you’re pregnant in order to best fit your body shape.

If you’ve grown a little in the breast department and have suddenly developed a pronounced cleavage, try to draw attention away from this area. Stick to a single-colour maternity dress in a darker shade to create an elongated look. Avoid maternity tops with frills or flounces around the neckline, and instead choose simple, stylish ruching either around the bustline or down the side of your maternity top.

Remember to start with a good-quality maternity bra and consider layering it with a maternity singlet or clip-on cami for added support and comfort.

If you need to camouflage your expanding hips, go for an A-line maternity skirt rather than a fitted pencil-style maternity skirt. A little flare helps to draw attention away from your hips. Show off your best assets by drawing attention to your neckline and away from the hips; accessorise with a bold long-length necklace, some dangling earrings or a bright patterned scarf.

Avoid platform heels or stilettos when you’re pregnant, even if they do elongate a shorter body. If you’re naturally short and want to add a little height, lengthen your legs with slim-fitting maternity pants in black, or go for a shorter hem in an A-line maternity skirt or knee-length empire-waist maternity dress. Show off your arms and neckline to accentuate your long, slim look.

Tall frames can usually get away with wearing styles that most women avoid; prints and patterns, and horizontal stripes as they’ll draw attention to your curves, accentuating a sleek and slim fitted look. Avoid shorter hemlines if possible as they’ll emphasise your height.

Whatever your shape, it is possible to find maternity clothes that not only fit comfortably, but flatter your figure.

Be confident with your changing body shape!