Pregnancy Capsule Wardrobe

Amid the excitement of your pregnancy, and soon after you (hopefully) lift your head out of the toilet bowl, you’ll notice those jeans don’t quite do up and your tops all appear to have shrunk. With boobs exploding out of necklines and skin bursting out at the waistline reminiscent of a muffin-top, it’s time to invest in a pregnancy wardrobe.

Looking good when pregnant is not too hard and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.  With a few basics to make up your capsule wardrobe, you can add accessories and cheaper items to see you through. A good capsule wardrobe should take you right through pregnancy and into a postpartum look.

  • You don’t need to buy expensive brands – just good quality items from respected maternity companies like Hotmilk
  • Investing in breastfeeding tops while pregnant will get you twice the wear, as most styles accommodate a growing tummy
  • Good quality items will see you through multiple pregnancies or give you resale value.
  • Cheap items and accessories, such as singlets, scarves and oversized brooches, will allow you to jazz up your look and take you through the seasons with your pregnancy.

We recommend the following as a basic capsule wardrobe:

  • 2 or 3 long layering singlets perfect for covering the bump. Useful in summer on their own, and in winter under other tops.
  • 1 – 2 tunic-style maternity tops – these flatter your body no matter what size your bump is, and allow you to comfortably move.
  • 3 or 4 basic maternity tops – depending on season and whether you are working or not, this may include dress shirts, a lacy dressy top (maternity top lilly lace) or simple cap sleeve tees for summer and long-sleeved merino tops for winter
  • 1 pair of black maternity pants that will take you from work to dinner out and everything in between! Choose a soft roll-top band to support your tummy.
  • 1 pair of maternity jeans that are comfortable and able to be dressed up or down. Choose a style that can be rolled up into ¾ pants for even more versatility.
  • 1 pair of lounge pants, such as (loveable maternity pants)
  • 1 pair of maternity tights or leggings
  • At least 2 Belly Bands, which allow you to wear your existing tops without a gap, or help with layering and support of your tummy.
  • maternity dress – choose a style that can be dressed up or down, in black, raspberry or navy.

Consider whether you are working, and in what environment, do you need to maintain a professional dressy look, or are you still in a uniform? What season are you due – do you need skirts and shorts or another pair or two of pants?

*Convertible clothing – such as a skirt that can also be a top, or a a dress than can be short, long or tied in different ways.

*A (reversible skirt) which can be dressed up or down and always looks gorgeous and flattering – even when you’re not pregnant.

*a pair of HOTmilk pajamas – pure comfort while also looking ravishing – and perfect for post-partum wear!

*wrap dresses – in summer worn on their own, and in winter you can wear merino underneath.

*shorts (maternity shorts) or 3/4 pants.

*covers and tunics, for a funky pregnancy look and a very useful breastfeeding aid. We love the merino wraps and ponchos.

Finally, add some very supportive maternity lingerie and you’ll be glowing and ready for anything!  Read our article about choosing maternity bras

*Tips from other mums – what maternity wear did you love?

*My belly bands were my lifesavers. When I was pregnant I could wear a lot of my own tops, and when I was breastfeeding, the bands covered my ‘jelly belly’ tum while I lifted my top for feeding.

*A gorgeous cardigan is perfect for layering and giving pizazz to an outfit. I found mine to be really flattering.

*A smile! No matter what you are wearing, a smile will always complement your beautiful bump!

*I didn’t like waistbands that were adjustable, I only liked stretch bands. They didn’t irritate my stomach and sat just under the bump.

*Layering singlets, prefect in every season. Oh, and in winter, a merino top to wear under my gorgeous dresses.

*Dresses. I lived in dresses, I could add tops under and leggings for warmth in winter, and they were perfect on their own in summer. And the wrap style tops are perfect for breastfeeding too.