Surviving Morning Sickness

One of our members wanted us to start a topic about morning sickness.  She wanted it to be an anonymous message – she didn’t want to Spill the Beans!  (bad pun!)

A big group of mums shared their experience with us.  What they did to cope with morning sickness, and how they got through it.

  • some had it the feeling all day
  • some never vomitted but just felt naseous
  • some had morning sickness right through their pregnancy
  • Ginger seems a common aide!

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Here are their shared comments, you can add your own at the very bottom of this page.


Mine was so bad that I had to take medication for it… but everyone says the same things, crackers in the morning, BEFORE you even get out of bed. Drinking a fizzy pop like ginger beer, but not Pepsi/coke as it has caffeine. and just eat what you can, if you can only eat a slice of bread with peanut butter for the next five months, then do it and don’t worry your baby is taking what it needs from the stores in your body (marrow, fat stores etc) also, stay away from things that make you sick ( for me it was almost everything, but the worst things were , my kitchen sink, onions, coffee breath, people with B.O, bananas, Chicken and definitely fish) and the best thing you can do is try not to stress over it, it only makes it worse, stay positive and you will see it does end.

Pressure bands were good, but I found mine was worse in the afternoons, especially heading home from work. Constant grazing helped avert most of it – the only time I felt ok was while eating, though did not do good things for my baby weight. A friend who had morning sickness really badly for the whole 9 months drank soda water and that helped her heaps.

I had MS only in my last pregnancy right thru until I went in2 labour 43+5 days. My suggestion is to talk to your naturopath and ask for samples. Every pregnancy is different there’s no point in literally throwing your money away like I did to realize later it was my morning cup of tea that always did it to me. Maxalon is good but also a drug which I refused to take while pregnant. My nana told me dry crackers before your feet hit the floor helps and it did. And always having something in your tummy. Avoid cooking foods that set your nausea off.  Good luck

Vita wheat crackers by the bed and consumed before my feet hit the floor, about 6 of them, a big banana milkshake with added wheat germ and Blackmore’s Travel Calm ginger. If I had ginger in a fruit juice it would repeat on me no end for days …sometimes! Lots of little meals and food with little or no smell. I ate ‘plastic’ cheese for the first few months as I couldn’t stand the smell of the natural cheeses for example. There are a lot of good ‘remedies’ here but you are not made the same as anyone else so it will be something that works just for you. And what works this pregnancy won’t necessarily work the next. All the best and try and enjoy those magic months bonding with your bump!

Travel sickness bands and having dry crackers beside the bed to snack on throughout the night – I found that if I had a good nights sleep I was shockingly ill the whole next day…but if I had a bite a cracker every hour or so, the next day was bearable (constant snacking helped!)

sprite or fizzy lemonade a little of that helped in the morning, toast before getting out of bed or a few arrowroot biscuits if I was lucky enough otherwise I found with my first pregnancy just getting up and vomiting straight away helped …then eating toast. Hardly any dairy products and eating things I craved like hot chips. No matter what I did peppermint tea etc nothing got rid of the feeling of nausea in my first pregnancy I threw up from 3 weeks until 20 weeks and felt nauseous until I was put on bed rest at 32 weeks then it stopped. I think the getting up in the early morning doesn’t actually help.

Second pregnancy I used the sea sick bands they helped a little at first, then I got nausemed spray I could use that 2 sprays every 15 minutes 6 times if I was at my worst feeling and it helped relieve the feeling of being sick. I didn’t throw up nearly as much with him but found wedges and sour cream helped heaps…though gain heaps of weight! I had to also eat small amounts constantly; if I got hungry I got really sick, same with my first pregnancy. But again lemonade helped and if I woke at night to pee I had a sandwich by my bed usually just margarine on it because I wouldn’t be able to stomach anything else and I would eat those it would get me through the night.   My partner made those for me every night because I would be asleep by 7ish and he would also make breakfast in bed for me for those first 4 months to get me through. Someone who can help you with that helps, even if they get annoyed or find the wants difficult to understand

Ginger everything (tea, ginger beer, ginger ale, candied ginger!) Also existed on chocolate milk and peanut butter sandwiches for the first few months

Peppermint tea, smelling salts from egg, ginger beer gets me through! In the throws of it now, has helped with 3 other babies, good luck, it does not stop it, but helps ease it.

Slices of ginger in my water bottle. Ginger is very good at relieving nausea

I made sure that I carried around hard lollies with me. Morning sickness is mainly a drop in sugar levels. I ate every couple of hours to stave it off. It worked a treat. Almonds seemed to help too.

I agree with the sea bands! They certainly helped!

Salt and vinegar chips

Try to eat little and often. I found L&P Dry really good at calming the bouts of morning sickness, had the ginger type taste without being over bearing and not too sweet either. Salted Crackers, mints, ready salted chips

Ginger nuts and really anally retentively on time snacks… 10 minutes over snack time and I wasn’t too pretty!!

Frozen coke and Salt’n’Vinegar Chips!!!

Grapes helped me out and also chocolate milk, not at the same time though 🙂

Barley sugars in the car – the stuffy hot car on the way home from work would set me off. Cream crackers, banana milk and fresh air =)

Funnily enough now I can’t eat anything I ate during that time, it makes me feel ill loll.

Eating as soon as I get out of bed…then little and often all day despite of feeling like not eating at all

Mini ginger nuts and small squares of very dark chocolate did the trick for me

I was working on a farm during my morning sickness – I could never be without food in my pockets especially barley sugars or nut bars to help me thru long, early morning milkings

Oh and all the other usual remedies didn’t do anything…

Ginger Nut Bikkies!! Or dry toast.

Ginger biscuits and icy’s

I had it REAL bad second time round and I thank Manutuke Herbs in Gizzy for their Morning Sickness spray for getting me back to feeling normal again! You spray it on your tongue 4 times whenever you feel nauseous! MAGIC stuff!

Just try a whole lot of things until you find what works for you. I found if I ate before I got out of bed I just threw it up, so started morning with glass of cool water – made vomiting much more “pleasant” as the gastric juices were watered down 🙂 If you can’t hold fluids down for a decent part of the day then see your doctor for meds – dehydration makes it all much worse and going to hospital sucks.

Oh and also spicy tomato flavored Muncho chips (altho I think they are now called Eta Skofs).

I tried a bit of everything from foods with ginger in it, actual ginger, crackers by bedtable, sea sick bands, acupuncture, these candy things call “Preggy Pops” (not sure why, but the small lollies worked better than the actual sucker lollies on a stick…but watch out for teeth sensitivities!), etc…While some things helped a little here and there, mostly I just had to deal with it…I was still getting sick in labour. With both of my girls, it was mostly 24/7 sickness. 🙁

Maxalone hun tablets or injections form works the best!!!

Sea bands were my saviour!!!

Hubby made me a cup of tea and a piece of toast plain before I even got outta bed, at least I didn’t throw up, I still felt sick though

Ginger capsules, wine biscuits before hopping out of bed.

Lemon and ginger tea it’s the bomb

I lived on flavored iced tea, rice crackers and ginger beer (when I could stand it). Emotionally it helped heaps to have friends and family tell me I was doing well and just be there for me when I was grumpy and tired. Colleagues sent me home from work a couple of times which gave me “permission” to be ill, and that helped as well. Many hugs to all those afflicted — it will end!

I had every day for all my pregnancy not nice at all.  Tried most things.  Salt and vinegar chips helped it sometimes, hot chips sometimes nothing most of the time so I just lived with it tried a lot of stuff. …finally went when I was 2 hours into labour.

Breakfast in bad before moving usually helped. If I couldn’t have that done, I would have ginger nuts beside the bed to eat straight away. I was lucky though & my morning sickness was just that – in the morning. By 9:00am it would be gone.


MorningMed Spray – it was my saving grace! You can spray it in your mouth whenever the nausea comes on … first thing in the morning and then when I was trying to cook the evening meal for me!

Ginger beer and ginger nuts 🙂

Salt and vinegar chips but not the kiddy packs as they don’t have enough flavouring.

Lemon and ginger tea

Fizzy drinks, including plain soda water. Mints. Very, very plain food–crackers or bread; and also very artificial food such as gummy bears. Also never being hungry and never really full either. It was all day sickness, really, but luckily disappeared by 16th week.

I always had a disgusting taste in my mouth so I ate a lot of crispy apples. I couldn’t stand drinking water during the day as being upright made me feel worse so used to drink all my water through the night – teas and others were hopeless… for me. I had to make myself eat so used to try and imagine the one thing I could vaguely face and get enough of that for a few days. For example a bacon sandwiches were ok for about 3 days and then no good for the rest of the pregnancy! Also try not to get too tired – I found it is always worse when knackered…Good luck and it is worth it.

With my 3rd I just resigned to getting up and waiting to vomit before I ate or went anywhere. With my second I was real sick and only put on 2kg for pregnancy. Nothing helped. I just sucked it up and hoped… I didn’t spew anywhere to embarrassing. And this lasted till 8 months. The up side was god I looked good basically immediately after having her. My first I threw up breakfast and used to pass out a bit up till bout 25 weeks. Wow now I’ve written all that it seems so bad but really didn’t feel that bad at time. Was just a part of it

Sea bands as well……

u can buy ginger tabs, they are for travel sickness but work good for morning sickness 2 – if u can mange to take them, they are hard to take but once they down they stay down and do the job or you can buy a spray from health shops I think I member it been called morning med – its amazing its the only thing that worked for me, I had 4 shocking morning sickness pregs. The morning med is a spray that u spray on your tongue, it has no taste at all and gets to work rite away.

I ate very little but very often

I always take “Blackmores Morning Sickness Tablets” they have B6 and ginger in them which help to reduce and even stop feeling nauseas. Also having a small cup of tea and a couple of dry crackers in bed before getting up helps a lot.   I’m pregnant with #6 and swear by this. Good luck

I would get up in the night and have some fruit 🙂