Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs

Hydrogel Breast DiscsEssential item to pack in your hospital bag: Hydrogel Breast Discs

Here are two feedback emails that we received from customers about these, this week.

I’m finding the hydrogel disc s very soothing. My baby is 12days old and so we’re still in the early days of breastfeeding. With my 1st baby I had already had cracked & bleeding nipples by this stage and dreaded feeding her because of the pain, I also got mastitis a few times in the 1st few weeks due to this nipple damage. I’m not sure if it’s totally down to the discs, as I’m a lot more confident and relaxed this time around, but they are great at healing up the initial grazing and they stop your nipple from drying out. I would definately recomend them to anyone who’d had latching problems and the nipple damage that comes with that. They are also great when cooled in the fridge if you are going through a cluster feed/growth spurt day!

I wish I had known about these the first time around- or that my midwife had! The first time around I had very sore nipples for about 8 weeks, and also ended up with a friction burn from my breast pump also.   The advice I had at the time was very “old school” wound care- i.e. fresh air and sunshine. This is totally at odds with modern wound care i.e. occlusive dressings providing a moist environment for wound healing. So I was glad to see them on your website, and absolutely loved them for use with my second child- lovely, cool and soothing. I only needed them for the first 5 days (which was how long they lasted). I swore that I would give a pack to every friend who was having a baby- hence my recent order.