Weight Gain During Pregnancy

We asked a simple question on our facebook page “Real mums – real bodies. How much weight did you put on during pregnancy? How long did it take you to be happy and accepting of your body afterwards? (or not).”

We we’re going to average up the results and provide some statistics, but that’s not the point is it?  The point is healthy baby and normal mum.

This thread has captured perfectly about real women.  Maybe it will show a little light to some mums-to-be and new mums.

Gained 10kg during pregnancy with first son and although I lost it all afterwards, my body shape was waaaaaaaaaay different. LOL And I gained 9kg with 2nd son and again, lost it all but body shape changed again. 🙁 But hey, I have 2 gorgeous kids – who cares? 🙂

30kgs for both! i did try and break the 100kg mark but only just missed it 🙁 i still am hating my body but the stretchies are getting less noticeable atleast!

Probably 15kg each time, took me two years to lose it all the first time and haven’t really started yet on budging it this time… I try to accept that I am how I am and I amnurturing two gorgeous little people, but some days it’s harder than others!

I put on 20kg during pregnancy and was about 10kg overweight to start with. Now I’m about 15kg overweight, and pregnant again.  I wouldnt say I’m happy about my body, but I am accepting. It’s done some pretty amazing stuff! I’ll deal with excess weight when new babe is born and have some energy.  It doesnt get me down, but I would like to be a more healthy weight.

ARGH! I put on 20kgs! I wieghed 102kg!! My son is 3 months and still weigh 90kg! most of what i lost would have been baby etc! I have been doing Zumba and now happy with the rest of my body except my belly which doesnt seem to want to budge!! Going to Raro in just over a month for my sisters wedding so i want to loose a little of my belly as im a bridesmaid!!! Zumba is great by the way! recommend to all!

Hmmmm, 14kgs, 7 of which went on in the first trimester… Lost all of it within 6 weeks after delivery, but do not look the same 13 months later, think this is it?! Hubby tells me how much he loves my body which definately helps to be more accepting. But still a work in progress to be happy..

I didn’t weigh myself when i was pregnant (its scary to do that! Lol) but i wore my pre-preggy clothes and jeans the whole 40 weeks. Now three weeks after Bubs was born im smaller than i was before i got pregnant. . I was all baby thankfully! Except for some stretch marks on my tummy which im ok with because i have a beautiful wee girl 🙂

I gained 12kg during my pregnancy and it took 12 days to lose it post delivery. I have lost an additional 8kg since then which I am happy about but I still have my moments when I really dislike the stretch marks left on my belly. I am working on reducing my “baby belly” with exercise and have noticed that my marks are reducing with it.

I put on 30kgs and it has taken me 15months to lose it. Even though the weight has gone theres still a lot of excess skin

I put on about 12 with my first, and lost that plus more within weeks of having him. I was very thin. With my 2nd I put on around 15kg. Lost 13kg by the time he was 8mths, and then got pregnant again and put on about 20kg. He’s 10mths now and im back to my pre preg weight. I hate my stretchmarks but deal with the fact ive grown 3 babies so it’s bound to have some effect on my body!

Well. . . I put on a huge 32kg when pregnant with my little one, but luckily for me it wa all in my baby belly, from behind you still couldn’t really tell I was pregnant. When my waters broke I lost 3kg and now my wee girl is 9months old and I am only 5kg above wat I was pre-pregnancy. I have always been happy with my size, I was fairly small before getting pregnant, and now I just know my body poduced a beautiful baby so whas a couple of extra kgs?

35kgs. I was 98kg when I went into labour at 33w4d. So far, have lost 19kg of it but the other 16kg is stubbornly hanging around 7 months later, even with going to the gym and training with a personal trainer solidly for 4 months – my weight hasn’t changed one iota. Am not happy with it, but trying to do what I can with it…I want to get back to a size 12 at least (currently a 16)…Oh, and the girls were only 4.4kg combined which doesn’t make up a lot of that 35kg!!

I put on 20kgs with my son. I was 47kgs before I got pregnant so it didn’t matter much a year later I’m back to 50kgs.

Arrgg, 25 kg with the first one, but lost 20kg in the first 6 weeks then lost the last 5 plus an extra 3 over the next 6 months.

I put on 20kgs with my son. I was 47kgs before I got pregnant so it didn’t matter much a year later I’m back to 50kgs no exercise needed.

Gained 16kg – eight months on and still haven’t lost half of it. (haven’t been trying too hard) Most days it dosen’t bother me (just don’t look in the mirror or try to put on pre preggy clothes) but hey I have a handsome healthy lil son – the BIG picture 😉

I put on about 15kg maybe more with my first he was a big boy, but lost all of it within a couple of months, i now have 7 weeks to go with my second and have put on 10kg so far, and this time i am rely enjoying my pregnancy body apart from fat feet i feel great, and don’t think i will have any problems loosing it again but i do wish that your boobs stayed the same as when pregnant or breastfeeding they did make me sad to have to say bye to them.

20kgs… 9 months on and I have 2-3 kg to go to get back to pre-preggy weight. Finding the last bit hard!!

20kg’s with number one and lost it all within two months (don’t quite know how)! 15 kg’s so far with number two and due any day. Don’t know how I’ll go losing it but trying not to worry…

I gained about 10kg with my first and lost it all and more in 6month (power of breastfeed!). But I am 5months pregnant with second and I’ve already gained 12kg!

Oh and not to mention the stretchmarks which have taken over my body!!!

With my first son (9lb) i gained 20kgs and lost it all in a few weeks after. With second son (9lb) only gained a few kgs mainly baby…wore my normal jeans size 12 through till week 39 then could fit them a week after! Now 20 months after my seconds son’d birth still a size smaller than my pre pregnancy size.

I’m 24 weeks pregnant and so far I’ve put on 15 kgs (I was already about 8kgs over weight so am “huge” for me). Do have a big baby belly but I’m sure the extra desserts and lack of caring about my weight like I normally would has added to the weight. Not too worried about it though. Hubby loves the extra curves.

its great to see how different we all are! i put on 19kg, but was 10kg overweight when i got pg. My little man is now 11months and i have lost all my pg weight + 5kg so chipping away at getting back to a much healthier size b4 getting pg again. even tho i am lighter before i got pg, my shape has changed ALOT..very hard to get used to, and i feel like a huge hippo most days lol

I put on 17kg, and lost 12 in the first 2 weeks, lost 3 more shortly after that, but put 2 back on when my girl slowed down on the breastfeeding! haha… she’s over a year now, and I’m still 4kg heavier than when I got pregnant, but it’s only 1kg more than I weighed 3-6 years ago, so I’m OK with that! not so happy with the saggy tummy, but I wear the stretch marks with pride most days! They come up way past my belly button, so there’s LOADS of pride! haha.

I am currently 25 weeks and a few days and I am still 1.5 kg lighter than I was in September according to the weigh in on the 24th February.

hmm first son i added 3 kilos(those were the days)… second was 20 kilos(diabetes) and my last baby i added 12 kilos (again diabetes but I seriously watched myself) and am back to my pre preg weight now that he is 10 mths (though still BFing) I am pleased with myself (though my tummy is a road map with serious hilly roundabouts…Hehehe

I didn’t gain any this last pregnancy, I lost over 15kg! went from a size XL pre pregnancy to a M after. and Im still in shock! now I have alot of work to ‘tone’ the flabby bits lol

I was a size 6 when I got pregnant, I put on 20kgs – most of it after 25weeks. I still have a lot to lose, I hate the extra weight – but enjoy the challenge of trying to lose it! My gorgeous son is 7 months 🙂

I put on 10kg with each pregnancy and took about a year to lose it afterwards. Having said that I didn’t really try and lose any until baby was 6 months old, just let the breastfeeding do its thing and then started weight watchers to kick start the rest. Nothing is ever quite the same though but being a mum is worth it!

I put on 30kgs for BOTH took a year to work it all off the first time but this time I’m eating healthy and going to the gym and my little man is 3 months old now and I have only 6kg to go!! Plus they say breastfeeding helps.

I weighed 135kg before getting preg with my first child, put on 10kg. Lost 8 or 9kg and plateaued before getting preg with my 2nd. I’ve never thought badly of my weight, nothing wrong with being a plus size mummy!

I put on 30kgs with pregnancy #1 to top 100kgs at 40wks. Took me 2 years to get back to pre preggy weight, and then I got preggers again and 15 months after birth, I’m still 5kgs over. I love my babies, but hate what my body has become – especially after 2 c-sections have totally screwed with my ab muscles!

I put on 14kgs then lost 22kgs in the 10 days after my 1st (and only at the moment) was born! Thought it was pretty fantastic, and have managed to keep it off! Body is definitely a different shape though!

too much weight! I’m still not accepting of it!

I put on 11kgs with my first and about 12kgs with the second. Didn’t take long to lose it as I was all baby. I am prob smaller now than when I started due to breastfeeding. Hope will gain some back after finish feeding 🙂

I put on 44kg with my first……. was very scary and tried hard to loose it and then I got pregnant again a few years later and I went to the hospital dietician to be monitered every month and I only gain 20kg this last pregnancy and my wee one is 6 weeks tomorrow and I have lost 15kg already. (breastfeeding this time around and NO sleep by having a toddler I think has been a reason for the fast loss this time).

15-20kg (can’t quite remember) incl baby.

After 7 months have about 5kg to go before just before preggie weight but was also carrying about 7kg extra then…

Not happy with shape/weight at the moment as still am heavier than anytime before pregnancy & I have a really wierd shape! My diaphragm & tummy area still look preggie! 🙁 just maybe early-mid preggie shape 🙁

I was back to less than pre pregnancy weight within about 2 months of my son’s birth but then we spent an extended stay in hospital and I got really depressed and gained way too much weight. Damn you, comfort eating! I’m still struggling with it (and the damn doctors at the hospital regarding my son) and I really need to work on it because I can’t really say I feel good about my body at the moment. I really need to lose at least 20 kgs in the near future because we’ll be trying for baby number 2 before the end of the year and I don’t want to get bigger and bigger.
On the plus side, I have absolutely no stretch marks from my pregnancy, and a gorgeous baby, so all and all it’s a win 🙂

I put on 20 kgs, and now 6 months later have about 5 kgs to go. My body shape is very different though, and I don’t know that I’ll ever go back to exactly the same size. I am quite accepting of my new shape, but the expense of buying lots of new clothes over the past year and a half has gotten old. I don’t want to buy too many new things now as my shape will probably continue changing.

5kg with #1 & 3kg with #2… I haven’t accepted my body afterwards, i didn’t like it before & i don’t like it now! I guess that means i really should do something about that hey?

I put on 7kgs with my 1st pregnancy, lost it all a week after i gave birth, but body shape is not the same as it use to be, wider hips thats for sure. 21 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and i think so far i have put on about 4kgs, so guessing i will put on more weight this time around, at this stage with my first i hadnt put on any 🙂

God, it’s nice to hear other people are in the same boat, somehow I only every hear about how it ‘all just fell off!’ (eurgh). I put on 24kgs during pregnancy and was up 17 after birth. 8 months later and not a gram of it has budged, even when I was jogging and dieting. I have now given up!

I put on 6kg and lost it all within 4 weeks,(i was big to start with) but have put on 4kg since I stopped breastfeeding! The body was still craving the food even though it didnt need it 🙁

I put on 20kg!! :O( Still a work in progress…

I put on 25kg, my wee one is 3 and a half months old and I have around 6 to go, am accepting my new body with its extra muffins and stripes now but it was bit horrible in the beginning.

I put on a max of around 8kgs with all 3 of my pregnancies. Was back to pre preggie weight within a week after birth, but as for being happy& accepting of my body afterwads that still hasn’t happened~~

20kg, although 5kg of it was baby! Still about 7kg over what I was pre-preg, I want to lose about 10kg… will start my diet tomorrow haha yea right!!

I put on about 23kg – and have 2.8kg to lose to be weight pre-preg – but was in the process of losing weight when became pregnant! Would like to get down to 75 kg (currently 92.8!) As for accepting, well – don’t mind the cleaveage, though at a DD was hardly small before bubba, but the hips and thighs could go! Otherwise – not too worried – work in progress as a few others have said!! 🙂 PS Well done everyone on the weightloss/healthy eating/great attitudes so far!

I was feeling terrible for putting on around 20kgs but after reading these comments I don’t feel so bad anymore – it seems quite normal! My darling little girl is nearly 9wks old and I have lost 10kgs already, with another 10-15kg to get rid of to at my goal weight (which is how heavy I was when I got married in ’08) Fingers crossed I get there

I put on 38kg kilos with my first by week 2 I was 87kg! (fluid, a 4.5kilo @ 37w)! I lost a further three kilo in 10mths (wasn’t doing anything bout it) than I finished breast feeding and went on Tony ferg and got a wii fit lost six kiloson two weeks so was down to 79! Found out preg with second so had to stop Tony ferg! Was 105kg so put on 26kg with second! I lost exactly 9 kilo in first week (4.6kilo baby @ 37w) bub is now 8 weeks and I have not weighed myself since that first week! I just know I’m 5″8 and huge! I have a huge flappy stomach which hangs stretch marks that could win me awards big fat hips on my back! My sed esteem is pretty low! I went yesterday to by clothes I’m a 16! I wonder if I’ll ever get bck to my size 10! I am recovered from my ceaser so I have been walking and if I find ten mins I get on wii fit but that is few and far between! As soon as I finish breast feeding I will be back on a shake diet! I hate my size and my body!

6kg and lost it all within 6 weeks… only to gain it all back and THEN some thanks to hypothyroidism and PCOS… 7 years later I still weigh more than I did going into labour. :o/

I only put on 14 kgs and have lost 6 1/2 kgs so far. My son is now 6 months old.
I was very strict with my eating habits and followed the Dept of Health diet for pregnant woman because I knew that any weight gained would be harder to lose in my 40’s. I still went done for 3 treats of creamed doughnuts during my pregnancy and Yes, I knew that you are not supposed to eat whipped cream previously prepared but don’t tell my husband. LOL  I’m currently trying for another child but do hope that I can lose another 7 1/2 kgs before I get pregnant again.

With all four I have put on around 20kg’s. With the 1st most of the weight was gone by 6 wks, 2nd it took 3 mths, 3rd it took 6 mths to shift and number 4 is only 4 mths old and have only lost 10kgs and still have a major flabby belly but must admit I havent gotten back into any sort of exercise yet – no time for me these days. With the 1st 3 by time they were a year old I had lost all my weight plus 5kgs so hopefully will be the same this time. I was breast feeding till 18mths with all too and that was a huge help.

Must say too that I hate having a flabby belly and being overweight. Was especially hard during summer so looking forward to winter when I can put on layers and cover it all up.

First baby I put on 18 kgs, lost 12 straight away, but I never did lose the first 6kgs, no matter how hard I tried! Then I got pregnant with my second, 6kgs heavier, put on 15kgs, but then lost the whole lot by the time baby was 6 months! I’m now lighter than I was before I had my first! And I’ve done nothing! It just fell off! Don’t ask me how or why – maybe it’s just the stress of having 2 kiddies now!

I put on a good 14 kg, and now James is a year old, am 8 kg under my pre pregnancy weight. I have not been this thin since I was a teenager!
I didn’t really increase my food intake, and had a seizure when he was a couple of months old, so I can’t drive till May/June. So I put it down to breastfeeding, eating sensibly and a serious amount of  walking.  That’s not to say I am happy with all of my body – my boobs which were a nice full 12 DD are now saggy horrible 10Fs. Yay for good engineering, or my self esteme would really be rock bottom!!

Wow so many comments on this post! I am feeling pretty discouraged after reading the first few…argh! I put on 17kg with my first and then lost it all and much more in the few weeks after he was born. second time round 5yrs later I started at 60kg put on 20kg+ bubs is now 12mths old and I am still 64kg cant seem to budge it and its those last 4 that make all the difference to me…not really happy

20kgs with Mia, and about 8 with Alex, although he was also 5.3kgs, so didn’t have much to loose afterwards..

With my first I put on around 15kg, and that took forever to loose. With my second I put on 10kgs and am now under my pre pregnancy weight. Lots of walking and eating sensibly has helped.

36weeks with my first baby at the moment and have gained a total of 8kg so far – hoping not to put on too much more and also praying that breastfeeding works a miracle and I lose the weight easily!

Wow! I’m glad I’m not the only one rioting over the tiger claw stretch marks! I gained about 15kg during pregnancy and i’m 3kgs away from my pre pregnancy weight after 3 months of giving birth so I’m not so worried about that – more the little flabby tummy thing that just WON’T budge!

oh my gosh – it could be the breast feeding … or the weight loss from muscle wastage from not getting time to play sport etc, or maybe it is the no alcohol cos of pregnancy and bf’ing but I am lighter than i have been in about 10 years!!!

Put on 10kg and dropped 7 by the time i was home from hospital, took a couple of months to lose the last 3 though. Thinking all the exercise i did during pregnancy was a good thing – although I think a lot of it is luck on genetics and how you feel during pregnancy.

Not much – most of the weight was baby and all her bits and so lost most of it afterwards.

My problem was when she weaned and I kept eating like I was breastfeeding!! Thats when I put on the weight!!

put on 14kg’s, lost 10kg’s in the first 10 days, then slowly put some back on when i stopped b, feeding at 5 months, Emily is now 7 months have 3kg’s to go, finding the last bit hard, but have told my husband the 3 kgs has to go before we start trying for the next!

i had put on 45kg! I’m only 5ft tall and was 50kg when i got preggy, 95kg was killin me, but of course,it was all water retnetion and swelling, two months on, i’m now 60kg, 10 more to go, but i’m ok with how i look.

lost 10 kg at the beginning of both, and put that back on by the end – so I was the same at the end as I was at the start!! And I cant wait to finish having babies so I can hit the gym and diet properly 🙂

I don’t know how much I put on, but for the first one I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight by the time he was three weeks old. With my second it took me a month and a half. Wonder what it will be for number three?

ive put on about 10kg got 8weeks to go with my first, it seems to be all baby as its only my tummy thats grown. will have to wait and see how long it takes to lose the exta kgs gettin very excited about my new arrival cant wait to hold and hug my lil boy!

I put on about 12kgs, `took me about six or seven months to get back to pre baby size’ but I was happy with my body before during and after pregnancy- except maybe those first 3-4 weeks after birth when your belly is jelly.

put on 9kgs, lost 5kgs straight after birthday, then another month to loose the remaining 4kgs, and lost another 3kgs with breastfeeding. But have put the 3kgs back on now that I’ve stopped breastfeeding and still going up! Need to exercise and eat less.

I gained at least 20kgs, my bub is 7months old and i cant lose the weight! If anyone has any after preggy weight loss tips please share

I put on 22kgs, from 68kgs to 90kgs. It took me 4 months to lose 20kgs, and within 6 months i has lost the rest. I actually had to exercise which i hate! 😉
I am 17wks pregnant and have put on 7kgs which so far is heaps better than last time… probably bcos I’m chasing a 1y.o. around all day!!!

put on 9kgs, lost 5kgs straight after birthday, then another month to loose the remaining 4kgs, and lost another 3kgs with breastfeeding. But have put the 3kgs back on now that I’ve stopped breastfeeding and still going up! Need to exercise and eat less. Don’t like the stretch marks but am okay with them. my poor tummy…. never gonna be flat again.

Gained about 20kg while pregnant, I seem to be losing weight in direct proportion to how my son is gaining. He weighs about 10-11kg now and I have lost about that much in the 8 months since his birth. I am finally accepting of how I look (on a good day), my body sure looks and feels ‘bountiful’, but I doubt if I’ll ever fit back into some of my pre-preg jeans as my hips spread quite a bit.

put on about 13 kg and haven’t started trying to take the excess off yet. I’ve got about 7 to lose but too tired to get off my butt. Gona give myslef another coupld of months before I feel too guilty about the extra chocolate and mochachino’s i’ve been having.

I put on 30 kg with my 1st, ended up 90 kg. Lost 20 before getting preggie again and topped 90 again. Have lost 15 kg so far. My tummy will need lots of situps

With my first child I put on 14 kgs, having just lost 14.5 kgs prior to getting pregnant! With second I put on 4 kgs, and actually lost weight while pregnant. My son was 4.3kgs and within a week of giving birth had lost 12 kgs. BUT my problem is not being pregnant its being at home with the fridge all day! As for being happy with post baby body….I’m not. Its flabby and saggy where it was never flabby and saggy before!

I gained 22 kgs. All I read said this was well outside the norms for weight gain, so I’m heartened to read that so many people gained 20 kgs plus. I lost about 8 kgs at the birth, not lost any since. Happy with my weight/shape ( I was small to begin with) except for having not many nice clothes I fit back into yet, and a horrible MIL who said I was “pudgy and looked like baby number two was on the way”

I went from 50kgs to 90kgs so 40 kgs gained and he is now four and im still in the 70’s, gym 5 days a week as of last month so fingers crossed that I will be happy with it soon

25 kilos with baby 1, about 16 with baby 2, less than 12 with baby 3!
I happen to find the ‘reccomended weight gain’ in the books are misleading and rude and totally uneccessary!

I gained 20kgs with my first bub, he was 7pd 11oz, 8 months later I have lost that 20kg and more, I’m now at least 5-6kgs lighter than I was pre-preg and not even bfing. Very pleased, however am stuck wearing clothes that are too big due to finances LOL

My first child, I put on just over 18 kg. Second child only about 10kg! Still not happy with my body. Wish I was. It’s very depressing. 🙁 The only thing that I was pretty happy about was that, atlhough with my first child I STILL haven’t lost all the weight, with the second one, I’d lost all but 1kg after only about 4-6 weeks! WOW! 🙂

I put on 16kg and got back to pre-baby weight when she was about 7/8 months (she’s 8 1/2 months now). I’m pretty happy with my body, although I do have days when I wish my boobs were as nice as they once were. But I guess that’s why God invented good bras!

I put on 22kgs with my wee one and was back to pre-preg weight within 8-10 weeks. Currently 2kgs under pre preg weight 10 months on and learning to accept my body, I just can not get over the stretch marks.. Love the rest

Preg #1 i put on 5kgs (but had horrendous morning sickness and daughter arrived 6 wks early). Preg #2 i gained about 10kgs, and i’m now 34wks preg with #3 and have gained 7kgs so far. I should note that i’m generally about 50kgs when not preg. I was fortunate to lose my baby weight almost straight away…but my babies were breast feeding monsters LOL! However although i got back to pre-preg weight the old body never returned to exactly the same shape. Weight stores differently now and my shape is a lot more motherly.

Gained 17 kilos with the 1st, lost it all and more in 6 months, all to exclusive pumping. I admit i was rather nervous about maintaining my supply with a pump and often spend at least hour long session pumping more than she can take. It was 20kilos with baby no.2 who is turning 5months soon. I think i’m still a size up, fervently hope that exclusive pumping would work its magic on me once again (tho i’m no longer pumping like crazy, just enough for feedings, bit of ‘backups’ and some for no.1 to stench her thirst ). I eat like a man when i’m lactating, i need the energy since it was all drained out of me. Pun intended. Milk is thicker and baby enjoys it more when i don’t hold back much when hungry. It was shock at first looking and feeling the shape n texture of my jelly belly, now i look at the mirror and go, hey, you’re still here! Don’t let me see you next time! It’s virtually impossible to find time to squeeze exercise in, not to mention trying to run holding two milk filled boobs!

Put on 20kg with both kids. Number 2 is 4.5 months and have another 2kg to lose before back to what I was when pregnant with him and another 4kg to what I was with number 1 and then another 3kg to where I want to be…

I put on about 17kgs and have about 8 more to lose and bub is only 17 days old, gotta fit my jeans before winter comes cause don’t want to have to buy any new ones!!! Can’t afford it!

I hardly put on weight during pregnancy it is after that I do LOL I have never weighed more than 65kg full term with all 4 pregnancies.

I put on 20kgs, lost 13 in about a month(baby/fluid etc), still have about 4 to go which won’t budge and its been over 8 months now, but I know its as a result of my apetite which hasn’t subsided even tho I’ve finished breastfeeding! Need to reign it in!

8kgs Still not comfortable with it a year on

Put on maybe 15-17 kg…I stopped weighing myself as it was depressing! I lost it all within about 3 weeks of the birth though 🙂 10kg within about a week – I had LOTS of fluid!!!

I put on 15kg with my daughter and took about 9 months to lose it.. With my son I put on 14kg and 5 months on have a kilo to lose. Thankfully the only stretch mark was on my boob when my milk came in!! I just laugh at my longer firm bits, its for a good cause and haven’t stopped breeding yet!

first pregnancy – 30kg! I didn’t start losing any until I STOPPED breastfeeding! 2nd pregnancy, 15kg and looks like the 3rd will be the same. Not sure that I’ll ever be accepting of my body. I love what it was able to do, but I loved my flat tummy and high boobs pre children too!

I put on about 18kgs with my baby but I was TINY before I got pregnant so I think it was normal for me to put on a bit more than average.

He is 4 1/2 months now and I have lost pretty much all the weight and fitting back into almost all my clothes. I would say the most weight loss has happened in the last month or so, up until then I was still pretty puffy!

It was a very gradual thing, I am breastfeeding so was not going to starve myself, I refused to diet and have been eating whatever I like and not too much exercise either, I am too exhausted for all that! But I still have a flabby tummy, I would like it to be more toned but really can’t be bothered to do anything about it!! Have other priorities now! 🙂

I stopped weighing myself on each pregnancy once I put on a whopping 24kg. I was back to normal after 6-7mths although have noticed body shape is different after the 3rd, either from having babies or being 37 who knows!! I’m now probably the most comfortable I’ve ever been with my body.

Put on 14kgs, had my bub four weeks ago and the weight is gone but the shape … Well I doubt that will ever be the same. Stretchmarks everywhere is the worst part. Even my stretchmarks have stretchmarks!!

Only 9.5kgs and I haven’t lost it all….but he’s only 11 days old!! Its baby #5 for me so I’ve struggled to accept my body at times anyway. I have days where I feel fine and think I’m lucky to still be a size 10-12 and then other days where I just want to hide! Thats normal right??

Put on 20kg with each. About 5kg off pre-preg weight now, 18 months on. There’s way more fat and much less muscle now. I probably needed a bit more on my bones anyway (trying to be positive!). Very dissatisfied with my body but unmotivated. My husband comments on my mutilated belly button, horrendous stretch marks and flappy breasts. What’s to be done really anyway? Other than surgery. I don’t think he means to make me feel bad about them but by commenting he draws my attention and I feel ugly. I try not to think about it really.

oh – love how amazingly varied everyones stories are!

I put on 15kgs and 3wks after birth I am down 13kgs…last 2 better move on! 🙂

I put on 26 and have 6 to go after 4 months. I’m lucky it’s shifted so easily. Thank god for breastfeeding!! Dont think the last 6 will be si easy cause it’s all around my flabby, strech marked middle. Never cared about the tummy before but not keen now. And yes flabby boobs suck!!

3 babies in just over 3 years and 15mths later its still a work in progress but im ok about it.

16kg’s and pretty happy now – 13 months after except for the muffin that didn’t exist before!

1st baby 30kg!! 2nd baby 28kg!! 3 baby only 12kg, 4th baby 28kg! and i did nothing different diet wise between them really, although the 3rd baby who was a boy and all the others were girls I craved fruit mostly with my son. All of the babies were big 9-10 pounders, even the pregnency when I only gained 12kg! so just shows what weight you put on has no effect on babies birth weight! they take what they need! My weight has always been back to pre. preg of 65kg by the time babies are 9-12 months with NO exercise or effort. thankyou lord for breastfeeding 🙂

Oh and I meant to say that i love my body now, it tells such a story! I’m intensively proud thats it beared 4 beautiful children so well, sure it looks a darn site diff to what it did 7 years ago, but heck I really don’t care!

I gained 28kg with my 1st and only lost 15kg of that before falling pregnant again 6 months later. 2nd pregnancy I gained 12 kg and again lost 15kg and am now stuck!

I went from 70kgs to 92kgs…. was happy while I was preggers. Lost 8kgs initially straight after birth but it took a while to start coming off however with consistent BF and exercise I am now back where I was before I was preggers and bubs is 8mths today. I think the C section made it harder to lose the weight straight away. Struggled with body image about 3mths after I had her but fine now even my little mummy tummy that is still there!
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For me, it has taken me 2 years to be happy and comfortable with my body

wow I went from 58kg s to 94 kgs with bub #1, my life kept me overly active and busy ,lowered to 68kg 18 mnths later, still working on being accepting though, after bub #2.

I was pregnant while in the states so its all in pounds but I put on 50lbs, lost 30lbs in 1st 2 weeks and now a year later am back to a happy weight but still a few lbs to go.

I put on 23 kilos and lost it all after my son was born – I am still coming to terms with my changed body shape and loss of muscle tone though. I do LOVE my battle scars though and they always make me smile.

well done rosie, you’re truly inspiring. learn to accept than to change what you cannot or difficult to change. i try my best to improve my shape despite my schedule and tell myself that whatever it turns out to be is the best i can manage and i should be proud of myself for being willing to give up my pre-pregnancy body in exchange for wonderful children of my own without knowing for sure if i’ll ever have my body back.

I put on 14kgs, thought it would “evaporate” after the birth – but it stuck around for a year! It took 6 months of portion control and cutting out Whittakers slabs and Tip Top vanilla and chocolate ice cream from the dairy up the road to lose it all again! My body is OK now, I eat fewer “treats” but I have stretch marks across my boobs, tummy and thighs. I would never wear a bikini again, I prefer to gracefully “drape” clothes rather than wear anything too tight fitting. I’m a big fan of tunic and trousers! I now weigh 57 kilos with an altered shape (much bigger tummy than I used to have)! But I’m happy with my body and the way I now dress for it.

I put on 14kgs with twins and lost it two weeks after the babies were born..only to put 5kgs back on in the 3mths after.. mix of visiting them in SCBU and not getting right food/rest/exercise. Just about lost it now through walking and running everyday and that’s at 7mths. Didn’t help that I couldn’t eat during pregnancy so everything tasted so great after babes were born!!!!

I didn’t gain anything, I lost 6kg by 20wks and the that 6kg came back with a little extra leaving me +2kg at 41wks. Thanks to huge swelling I wound up being up 9kg by the end of a week in hospital but that went and now she is 15 weeks and I’m gonna start working on the weight that has been there since before she was born.

about 12-15 kgs with both kids, still getting use to the tummy, I always had a flat tummy, but no more

Good on all the ladies for sharing their stories here, I love reading about the diversity of experiences.

I gained 12kg and now weigh less than i did before i got pregnant 🙂