What to Pack for Hospital

Preparing for a new baby is such an exciting time, however it can be overwhelming trying to think of everything you need before baby comes along and what items you’ll need to pack in your hospital bag. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we have had 2 babies so can help if you get confused!

Pack your bag at least 4 weeks before your due date!

For Labour

Try to have your bag’s packed by around 36 weeks of pregnancy. This will make you feel more relaxed knowing you have got everything you need for your baby’s birth. If you take something out before you leave for the hospital stick a note to the top of your bag to remind you or your partner that it is missing. Check with your hospital or birthing centre to see what they have available for your use while in labour, you may be able to take in your favourite CD’s if they have a music system.

Here are a few ideas of things you may need:

  • A comfortable, loose fitting nightie or T-shirt that you can wear through labour and give birth in. You should expect that this may get covered in the fluids from delivery.
  • A water bottle/sweets/glucose tablets.
  • Any snacks or drinks you would like to have on hand.
  • Your birth plan
  • Lip balm
  • Warm socks (your feet may get very cold during labour). You should be prepared to throw these away after the delivery.
  • Massage equipment – oils, creams.
  • Heat pack to relieve back pain
  • Camera and video camera of course!
  • CD’s to play during the birth of your baby.
  • Drinks and snacks for your partner.
  • Phone cards and coins for making calls.

For your Hospital Stay

Most women stay in hospital for around 3 days after a vaginal delivery and 5-6 days after a caesarean section. Some hospitals and Birth Centres supply all of baby’s needs while you are there. Check if they have any requirements before you arrive.

  • 3 easy to open night clothes (for breastfeeding) or breastfeeding singlets
  • 3 nursing bras or a shelf support nursing bra
  • Breast pads
  • Dressing gown or robe
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries and make-up kit.
  • Plenty of underwear, (think big black granny knickers)
  • 2-3 packs of maternity sanitary pads
  • Snacks and magazines for you to nibble on while in hospital – otherwise you will be waiting for hospital food.
  • Day clothes and an outfit for leaving the hospital. (You will probably still be fitting your maternity clothes due to the jelly belly, so don’t expect a miraculous weight loss after your bump is gone).

You will also need to have an outfit for your baby to leave hospital. This should include a singlet, socks or bootees, outer garment, cardigan (dependent on the weather) and a blanket for in the car.

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Breastmates are here to help you, and we have lots of great breastfeeding resources and help online too.