Breast Pump Parts

We get a lot of inquiries about whether we stock spare parts for breast pumps YES we sure do!  There are lots of different components to breast pumps, so we try and make sure that we have each part available in stock.  Because we know that if someone needs a part – it means a mum urgently needs it so that she can continue to pump and feed bubs.

Majority of people will never need to replace parts.  But the common reasons we hear about include:

  • my dog chewed it
  • my rabbit chewed it
  • I was boiling them in saucepan and forgot and they all melted (we recommend microwave sterilisation bags in this case!)
  • I loaned it to a friend and she didn’t return all the bits
  • I bought a pump on trademe and it didn’t include all the bits
  • I lost something down the sink
  • the valve is just wearing out and needs replacing

Sweet as!  We carry Avent, Medela, and Unimom Spare parts.  And we’ve prepared some summary diagrams etc to help you assess all the bits.  Have a look over here for “Franny’s Guide to Breast Pump Spare Parts

if you are confused, then we are here to help you.