Gingham Dress for Post Partum

A lovely review from our customer Louise, showing how useful this style of dress can be to wear postpartum with her changing size


“I bought the “Gingham Dress” for a wedding 3 weeks post partum. I needed something flattering for my (just had my 5th baby) body! I love it, breastfeeding at the wedding was easy. With the zip access, you can’t tell it’s even a breastfeeding dress.

6 months later I’m still loving the dress. It’s meant to be Autumn but it’s 29 degrees today. Layered with a flap access tshirt underneath for a slightly different look.  It also looks fab with my white Converse boots and a denim jacket.

The elastic back and tie front means as I’m slowly shrinking the dress is still fitting well 😉 If you are looking for a maternity and breastfeeding dress, you won’t regret buying this one!

P.S there is 14kgs difference in my weight between the photos and the dress looks fantastic in both. Same size dress too so very flexible for pregnancy.