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Whether you’re pregnant in high summer and want to hit the beach in style or it’s midwinter and you’re heading to the local pool for an aquaerobics class, a maternity swimsuit is a wardrobe essential that many mums overlook. Here’s what pregnant mums need to know about investing in a proper pair of pregnancy togs!

Q: Can’t I just wear my old swimsuit?

A: During pregnancy, your body will change in ways you never thought possible. Your breasts will increase in size, your tummy will expand, and your hips will widen. “Normal” swimwear won’t fit well, because your waist won’t be in the same place and your breasts simply might not fit! To avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions at the beach or the swimming pool, it’s best to choose a swimsuit that’s specifically designed for your pregnant shape, to accommodate your growing bump, and to keep you covered in areas where you want to leave something to the imagination.

Q: How do I know what kind of maternity swimwear to choose?

A: Just like “regular” togs, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to maternity swimwear. The style you choose will depend on how much of your pregnant body you might want to reveal, what activities you might do while you’re wearing a swimsuit, and what feels most comfortable on you. Are you going to a pregnancy aquaerobics class or swimming laps? You might want a one-piece to keep everything covered while you’re exercising. Playing with the kids at the beach, or splashing in the waves? A tankini-style maternity swimsuit is stylish and gives you a bit more room to move. Sunbathing on a tropical island or snorkelling in crystal seas? A maternity bikini gives you minimum coverage and maximum ability to soak up the sun. Just don’t forget to apply lots of sunscreen and stay hydrated, as sunburn and dehydration are big no-nos for expectant mums!

Q: But maternity swimwear is so boring, right?

A: Pregnancy togs come in a range of stylish and classic colours, from basic and figure-flattering black (beloved of Kiwi mums-to-be) to nautical stripes to trendy colours and prints, just like “regular” swimwear. Keep in mind that when your togs get wet, they sometimes become see-through and saggy – an issue you won’t have with maternity swimwear, as it’s specially lined so nobody will be able to see anything you don’t want to reveal!

Q: It seems silly to buy a swimsuit I’ll only wear for nine months.

A: A maternity swimsuit is an investment that will see you through several pregnancies as well as through the post-baby period, when your body is still changing shape and when you’re losing pregnancy weight. You won’t just wear your maternity togs when you’re pregnant – the styles are versatile and functional enough to see you through pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, and those days when you want a little bit more coverage of your post-baby wobbly bits when you’re playing with your toddler at the beach. At Breastmates, we even have maternity board shorts that look just like “normal” boardies, but have a special waistline to accommodate your bump – and are so comfortable you’ll want to wear them way beyond pregnancy. Modern maternity clothing, even pregnancy swimwear, is stylish and designed to be adaptable enough for many stages of motherhood.

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