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Breast Pumps….

I’ve been selling breast pumps on my website for eight or nine years, with the Avent and Medela brands.   I thought I knew these pumps inside-out with all the random questions and scenairos that customers might ask.  But customers kept asking me for better priced pumps, and Unimom was knocking on my door!    After a trial, I considered that the Unimom price range could give mums more options if they were committing to pumping Liquid Gold, as the pumps aren’t as expensive as the other brands.  I thought that perhaps the pricing might help some mums to continue with breastmilk.

I liked performance of the Unimom pumps, they are so efficient and quick at pumping – an important consideration when time is precious.  And the noise level was reasonable.  The suction levels have three variable settings.    And they are a closed system meaning that milk and condensation don’t go through the pump.  Plus they fit with narrow neck size bottles that customers might already own – though we also have parts and accessories in stock too.

The main difference is that they are made in Korea, (rather than Switzerland) so that keeps the price down.  They are of course BPA free and high quality.  And we have a one year warranty.

Over the past few months, customers have been giving me great feedback about their Unimom purchase.   The most popular breast pump  is the Unimom Forte (Hospital Grade Double Pump).  I think this is the most popular because it gives a lot of “bang for buck”.  You’re getting a high grade, double pump, without a huge $$ cost.  Which means that you can shorten the time you spend pumping, but also studies have shown that pumping both breasts at the same time results in more milk in total.

Anyway, here is some of the feedback from these Expressing Mums:

Very pleased with it & it works great! (unlike the hospital one we have been renting). All much easier now. 🙂   Kathryn

 I LOVE this pump!!! It’s comfortable, quiet, and powerful. Have owned the pump for 2 months now and I use it up to 6 times a day everyday as my baby is exclusively bottlefed. I’ve been told that using a double is better for your prolactin hormones which encourage milk production and noticed an increase since using the pump. Also good is that it is a closed system so it’s quite easy to clean and assemble

As a exclusive expresser for 13.5 months and its still going. I was pumping 2 litres a day!!! These are amazing!

Been full time expressing with it the last two months. Good price and good pump – having a double pump is a life saver.

I’ve been using this pump for about 3 weeks now, having previously used a Medela single electric pump. I am experiencing much faster pumping sessions with the Unimom pump, with far greater output too. I bought this product based on online reviews – I was concerned that because it was so cheap compared to the other double electric pumps on the market, that is must have been fairly average. I was wrong!! This pump is awesome value for money, it has great suction, and I would recommend it to any mum who needs to express
I was hesitant to buy this pump after using the Medea swing and the Medea Latina Rental. This pump is amazing quick 10 minute pumping sessions now whereas on the other pumps it was taking 20 to 30 minutes. Only difference is that medulla looks better but the unimom is a lot quieter….
Jenna jensen

Please feel welcome to order a Unimom Breast Pump from my website if you would like to.  I offer a one year warranty, and can help you chose the right pump for your needs.  I’m also the person to contact if you ever need a spare part.


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