Crying all the Time PND

A mum share’s her PND experience.  She writes:

It started for me when my son was a few weeks old and we discovered he had reflux/colic. He would cry all the time and keep me and my husband awake.

I thought that the reason I started crying all the time too was because I was simply over tired but then other things started happening like I would find myself crying even when he wasn’t and I had no motivation to do anything during the day.  I would find myself only wanting to stay in bed all day and mope.

My marriage got affected too because I didn’t feel like I had the energy to be a good wife (which for me means keeping the house nice, having a hot meal cooked for my husband, being able to actually hold a conversation with him, and other “areas” of our relationship too).  The whole time I still didn’t tell anyone I was suffering because I didn’t want to seem like I was burdening anyone else with my problems.

The final straw for me was when one night when I was really lacking in sleep and my son was crying his head off because of a belly full of wind. I wasn’t awake or “with it” at the time (this has been told to me by my husband) I said “i’m sick of this i’m going to shut this baby up” I grabbed my pillow and got out of bed and walked towards the cot. My husband jumped up and grabbed me by the wrist and said “I’ll get the boy you go back to bed” and I did.

The morning after when he told me this I was so shocked that I would ever do that or had the potential to do it so I took myself off to the doctor – we had a big chat and I got some medication. Almost a year on I’m doing heaps better. My moods are good, my marriage is great and most importantly I have a happy, healthy baby who means more than the world to me.

Moral of the story: even if you think it’s nothing get it checked out for everyone’s safety.