Professional Portrait


Here is a photo of me (Frances the owner of Breastmates Store) breastfeeding my second son.  He was about 2 weeks old in this shot.  Now I don’t usally walk around breastfeeding him topless (!!!) but I wanted to create a striking black and white photo.  And clothes wouldn’t have really been able to show that I was feeding him.

I had intended to use this photo in some of my marketing.

So although it looks very gentle and serene in the photo that my husband took, I’ve also pasted the original photograph below. We took the photo really quickly because it was winter and cold, plus I got wee on my trousers, milk squirted around the place as he wouldn’t stay latched on.  I draped a towel over the door so that I could have a tidy background.  And I hoped my husband would have patience to take a few photos.  I just had to do a bit of cropping in photoshop to remove the background (and also to hide baby’s butt and testicles).  I was veryhappy with the end result.


I really encourage you to try something like this yourself, especially when your baby is little.