Is Baby Ready to Start Solids

Breastmilk is the ideal food source for your child.

Health professionals suggest that you wait until baby is around 6 months old before you start to introduce solid food to their diet, but your baby may show “signs” of being ready before this age. Health professionals also suggest that breast milk is included in your baby’s diet until they are two years old.

Some signs that your baby is ready to start solids:

baby can sit up (supported) and their neck is strong enough to hold their own head
baby is reaching, and copying you, when your family is eating.
baby is putting toys or their hands in mouth
baby seems hungry after having a breastmilk or formula feed
baby starts waking in the night, when they were previously sleeping through
baby will open their mouth when you place a spoon toward them

Please try and make sure that baby is doing all of the items specified on the above list, to ensure that you don’t introduce solid food too soon in their diet. Starting solids too early may mean that your baby isnot getting enough breastmilk when they need it.

If you try baby on some food, and their tongue pokes out and the food comes out, that is a sign that baby is not yet ready. Wait a day or two and try again.

Some first baby foods include:

  • baby cereal and baby rice that you purchase at the supermarket. These come in dry boxes, with age specific ranges.
  • cooked and pureed vegies at a thick soup consistency. Carbohydrates such as pumpkin, potatoes, kumara an carrot are good foods to start with.
  • pureed fruit.
  • canned baby food, labelled in age appropriate stages.

Even when your baby has started solids, continue to breastfeed and offer your baby breastmilk.