Introducing Solids

Guest author Christina,  shares a few ideas about starting baby on solids.

When to start, what to feed my baby and has my baby had enough to eat?

All questions fellow mum’s out there ask when their precious infant is getting closer to the age when solids may be introduced.  Here are some simple and personal anecdotes from my experience when starting my wee boy on solid food!

Baby will take food when ready – you will know when baby watches you eating and when you offer him food, he opens his mouth and engages in a tasty, messy but fun food e xperience.

Remember bland and plain foods are best for baby – my boy loved the rice cereal (mix with breast milk or formula) mashed banana, sweet potato, most steamed and pureed veggies;

Some foods can make a baby constipated.  Fruits such as pears and bananas! I had no idea so I eased up on these fruits when my son would show signs of constipation.  When baby is big enough to eat porridge, I always added blueberries; these are an excellent source of antioxidants and other vitamin. When in season my son eats them like lollies.

Buy a basic steamer to pop in your stovetop pot – you can buy these from most kitchen stores and are not expensive. I would steam all the veggies, then mash together in freeze. My son is now 20mths old and I still steam his veggies, as it keeps the goodness in.

I found some store bought baby foods helpful at times especially when you are running late or just shattered. I went for the organic options from my local supermarket, and read and heard nutritionists state that some organic baby food at the supermarkets are “as good as home cooked meals.” These meal options can be tasty and healthy, especially as baby gets bigger and is enjoying new flavors.

So do not feel guilty if you do need to resort to a quick meal out of a jar for your baby. These were not always expensive, as I tried to buy them when on special and stock up!