Do NOT use a Microwave to Warm Bottles

Do not use a microwave to warm your baby’s bottle (whether you are using breastmilk, formula powder, or cows milk).

Microwaves are not recommended for warming feeds becasue they can easily overheat the milk, or heat unevenly.

Instead of using a microwave, you could put your prepared bottle of milk into a jug of hot water.  Then test the temperature on your wrist.

Or for a quicker and reliable method for formula heating, so you know the milk is ready instantly: add cooled boiled water to your bottle slightly under the full mark, then top up with some boiling water to get the perfect temperature.  Then add the powder and shake well.

Breastmates Tip:  For a 200mL bottle, add 69 mls of boiling hot water, and 131mLs of chilled boiled water from the fridge – this will make a 200mL bottle at the perfect 37 degree temp!

Or another method for warming formula, is to use your microwave to heat up a bottle of water.  Remove and add lid.  Shake vigorously.  Then add the powder.  You can experiment before hand so you know exactly how many seconds to microwave for, (and write this down), so that you don’t have to fluff about at feeding time.