Baby Log Book

This week we launched a newborn baby logbook. Gorgeous, practical, sanity-saving!! Read the story behind it…

Here’s a little personal background about the  reasons behind our Newborn Baby Log Booktrademe_logbook_250x250
When my son was a newborn back in 2004 we weren’t on a fixed routine or a schedule. I was trying to follow his cues, and learn his signs of course. But I used to be restless at night fretting about when I had last fed him, and approximately when he would be due for another feed, and when I’d have to get up in the night. (How much sleep I would get) For the first few days, I couldn’t seem to relax, as I was always wondering about his sleep times and feeding times. Was he getting enough?

Then I started writing down the time that I had last fed him. I’d just jot down when I finished feeding him. One thing solved – at least I was documenting that he had been fed!

I also jotted down the time that I put him to bed, and then the time that he woke up. Viola – I had piece of mind. The two most important parts of my newborns life were being recorded, and then I was able to learn his patterns. It was also handy if he started to grizzle, and then I’d realise that he was tired!


I also jotted down if he had tummy time, if we went for a walk, a bath etc. Just quick little notes about what he did in the time he was awake.

It was just for my sanity so that I could keep track of him. I couldn’t remember much else! I ended up with a rattie pile of paper that I stapled together. I’ve still got it now in his baby box, saved from 2004!

I’m proud to introduce that we now have a Breastmates custom made “Newborn Baby Log Book“.   96 pages of custom ruled columns to keep track of the important parts.  Nice wording too – not all serious!  Usable by breastfeeding and bottlefeeding mums.   It looks gorgeous, superb graphics, quality printing,  a nice gift that doesn’t cost a heap of $, its practical, and tidy.  And then by the end of  it, you’ll know your baby well and will just phase out using it.  It will be a record of your survival!!

Have a look at the book here: Newborn Baby Log Book