Breast Pump Parts

we have the full range of spare parts for breast pumps – including the teeny tiny parts

Did you know that in addition to our range of Breast Pumps Online, we carry a full range of spare parts for breast pumps?  Avent and medela brands.

We know that mums often need a new valve or breastshield etc in a HURRY so we have them in stock so that we can send them as soon as you order.  Loads of mums loose parts, or actually melt them when sterilising.

All the models of breast pumps do have different parts, and it can be confusing working out which parts you need – so contact us and we can help you.  Or we have also put together extra info and diagrams too – categorised by the pump model (see links below)….

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Further Information and Diagrams for Each of the Pump Models