Breastfeeding Biscuit Trial

A special thanks to the 100 mums that have been working with me over the past 6 months, helping with the taste tests of our refined Breastfeeding Biscuit recipe.   They’ve munched their way through thousands of biscuits  – while I have been perfecting the blend.

We already knew that the combination of key ingredients helps with milk supply – so we weren’t testing that precisely!    (That will be a future study at Massey University!)    My 100 mums were tasting guinea pigs!

We’ve worked with a nutrionalist and refined our Breastfeeding Biscuit recipe, and it will be sold as a base premix.   {just bake at home and add egg + butter}  Then it’s your choice if you bake them plain with their semi-sweet oaty flavour, or you can add your own choices like chocolate chips, cranberries, sultanas, apricot, chopped nuts, cinnamon etc.     This was one of our key decision  making processes – not to focus on the flavour but to create the perfect base mix.  Otherwise I would have had to carry alot of stock in all the flavours!

Special thanks also to my children – The Food Critics.   They know these cookies quite well.  (Their favourite is cinnamon)

Breastfeeding Biscuits
Breastfeeding Biscuits