Breastfeeding Biscuits Launch

Launch Date: 27 July 2017

Breastfeeding Biscuits
Breastfeeding Biscuits

Many mums who breastfeed their babies are interested in natural methods of increasing and maintaining good milk supply levels, and Cambridge-based maternity brand Breastmates ( has developed a special biscuit designed to give their efforts a boost.

Booster Biscuit Mix contains natural galactagogues oats, linseed, and brewer’s yeast, all of which are traditionally believed to help breastfeeding mums.

Breastmates Director Franny McInnes developed the premix in consultation with a nutritionist after coming up with the original recipe a decade ago. “I’ve had the recipe on my website for a long time, and its always been very popular for mums baking their own biscuits, but they often couldn’t track down all the ingredients.  With hundreds of mums contacting me to tell me how much it helped them, I thought a premix would be the next logical step to help make it easier for mums.

“I worked with a nutritionist to improve the recipe, found a food production packaging company, and set about testing on a group of mums, and this is our result. The premix can be bought online at and delivered right to a new mum’s door, and is super-easy to make.”

The premix is easy to use: Just add one egg and butter, mix, and bake for about 15 minutes. The resulting batch of 20 biscuits are suitable for the whole family, but Franny recommends that breastfeeding mums eat them two to three at a time with a glass of water or milk.

The reviews on speak for themselves, with many mothers noticing the improvement in their milk supply.   Franny has been in discussions with Massey University about the possibility of conducting a clinical trial to prove the health claims, though for now enjoying direct customer feedback.